Spouses and Birthing Partners Banned From Delivery Room, Forcing Some Couples to Consider Home Birth

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Mar 26, 2020

Expecting parents are already on edge as they are faced with the possibility of giving birth at a busy hospital filled with doctors and nurses caring for patients with COVID-19. But a new ban in some hospitals on spouses and birthing partners in the delivery room is setting many expecting moms' anxiety levels to maximum.

CBS News reports about the new ban on birthing partners that is leaving many moms to give birth alone with only nurses and doctors by her side. Labor and delivery departments in COVID-19 hot spots like New York are attempting to limit the spread of the virus by keeping dads and partners out of the delivery room. But the move is sending many new parents into a tail spin as they consider the idea of spending this momentous occassion apart from one another.

One expecting dad, Henry Chu of Brooklyn, was not even permitted inside the front door of the hospital when dropping his wife off to be induced. Chu explains some of his fears and anxieties at this time saying, “I think it’s the unknown, the fear that if something goes wrong that I won’t be there next to her, won’t be holding her hand. And the other stuff, like just not being able to be there for the birth of my child.”

Other couples who are expecting soon and can’t fathom the idea of being separated for the delivery or those who are just uncomfortable to be in a hospital setting at this time are toying with the idea of home birth. Although this is only an option for pregnancies that are considered uncomplicated, this may be the way many couple decide to give birth in the coming weeks. 

Expecting mom, Ashley Bloom, explains why she and her husband have decided to purchase a home birthing medical kit in case hospitals are too risky when they are due to give birth in April. Bloom says, “We feel, my husband and I, as parents that it is our duty, unfortunately, to think worst-case scenario.” Though obstetricians are assuring parents they are taking extra precautions and the labor and delivery rooms are being protected against any patients carrying the Corona Virus, there is obviously still a lot of uncertainty.

What do you think of the new ban on birthing partners and spouses some hospitals are enforcing to protect patients from COVID-19?

Do you think in the coming weeks that a lot of parents will decide to have home births?

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DestinySpeaking96 by DestinySpeaking96 | ELKIN, NC
Aug 12, 2020

I feel like home births are one of those things that aren't as common as they used to be, however, I feel like maybe with COVID and the elimination of a birthing partner in the room, home births will start to make a comeback. I also feel like, with the chances of mothers testing positive and being isolated from their newborns for 2 weeks, more mothers will be open to home birthing as long as they aren't forced to have a C Section or fall into the group of "At Risk" pregnancy.

Luckily, I had my daughter, who is 8 months old now, before the COVID outbreak, as was allowed my husband in the room with me, If I wasn't allowed that option, and knowing what I know now, I would have opted for a homebirth.

Majestas by Majestas | DEERFIELD, IL
Apr 07, 2020

Limiting outside exposure makes sense, but not allowing a single person to be with the mother and baby is also detrimental. Home births are not a realistic option for many people, including myself. I'm due this month and require a C-section. It would be incredibly stressful to not have anyone with me at all while I'm in the hospital. I would argue that it would make things worse, not better, to be alone during this time. Partners have every right to be there when their children are born, for the sake of everyone's well being.
Maternity wards and birthing centers are supposedly already isolated from other parts of the hospital to prevent the spread of infection. Also, my husband is going to be living with me and the baby, so we're all going to be exposed to the same things anyway.

Mar 28, 2020

This just happened to my boss w his wife who had a c section - he was very upset but the health of the mom and baby in the hospital was safer. i dont have kids but home births still dont feel safe

Zoiebabee by Zoiebabee | LEESBURG, FL
Mar 27, 2020

I understand the ban but I also understand the stress that goes along with it. I believe alot more people will be doing home births. I wouldn't want my husband seperated from me at such an important time, but I think I would have a hard time allowing myself to enter a hospital at this time unless absolute emergency. Just being there could cost your life or the life of your baby. Such a hard time for decisions. 😢