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Saying Goodbye to "That Time of the Month?

SS Member Image By drodriguez 09.14.08
Saying Goodbye to
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Next month the Food and Drug Administration is expected to approve a new birth control pill that eliminates the period year round as long as it is taken daily. People in the health profession as well as consumers have begun to debate over whether this new pill should be approved.

The issue has even motivated one woman, Giovanna Chesler, to film a documentary concerning menstrual suppression called “Period: The End of Menstruation?” The issues currently being discussed are the unknown long-term effects of this pill as well as the idea that eliminating this natural human function seems wrong somehow.

A New York Times article reports that the company intending to put Lybrel on the market has done studies indicating that almost 2 out of 3 women they spoke with showed interest in eliminating their menstrual cycle. The professor who conducted these studies, Linda C. Andrist explains that women in this day and age are “too busy” for their periods.

One other issue that has been brought up is the idea that a woman’s natural period can alert women to underlying health problems by becoming irregular. If a woman takes a pill that does away with her period she is also giving up this natural warning system making it more difficult to treat or detect problems early on.

On the upside, this new pill is expected to make life a lot more manageable for the many women who suffer from extreme physical and mental stress during their monthly cycles.

Would you as a woman and consumer consider taking Lybrel to eliminate your period? 

Do you think your monthly cycle is an important part of being a woman or do you feel it’s an unnecessary inconvenience?

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  • queenbee88 By queenbee88

    I have often wished I could just do away with my period, but in reality I agree that it's needed. It alerts me to anything that might be abnormal and while I don't love it I'm glad I have it.

  • cvarano By cvarano

    In my opinion, natural is always best. This is the way our bodies work, on cycles, and to eliminate those cycles seems so wrong to me. To each his or her own but I would never consider using this product. When I first started getting my periods I hated them but now, and this may sound strange, I enjoy feeling my body go through the stages of having a period. It lets me know that everything is the way it should be and I'm healthy.

  • ClassyLadyIL By ClassyLadyIL

    I'm only going to be 40 in May and I already have 2 beautiful grandchildren,next stage menapause??UGH...LOL I think your period is supposed to be there monthly for a reason.My oldest daughter & her husband are trying to conceive before he ships out to Iraq for his second tour of duty and she's had all kinds of trouble,like no monthly periods.She will find out next week why that is and I pray for the best for them.She like other women know,no period means there's something wrong.I do wish when I was younger I had that shot they have now for the HPV and cervical cancer.I wonder what others think about that prduct and how many will get their daughters vaccinated.

  • sgillar By sgillar

    I'd consider taking this drug. Having a period is a pain. Though I do like being a woman and having special 'powers' I think that it could be intriguing to not have them anymore. I am not so intrigued by having to take a drug everyday to have that happen, though. And I would definitely want to know more about long-term effects before committing to this. Lastly, I'm not sure what issues women could be alerted to by the showing of their period, other than not being pregnant. If you are pregnant, a few days or weeks wouldn't make that big of a difference, and there are other ways to tell if you're pregnant. Not sure what other problems could give you a warning by affecting your period.

  • erica_cal By erica_cal

    This pill sounds nice, but I am tired of companies making everything that is feminine a disease. I think this will only happen with significantly more women in leadership roles at top companies.

  • RedVelvetRabbit By RedVelvetRabbit

    I like the idea of halting my menstrual cycle. I've been on the depo shot for about 3 years now. It hasn't stopped my perods completely, but made them much less frequent and shorter. My last shot will be my LAST shot, as it does have a tendancy to deplete bone density when used for too long. I'm in the market for a new form of birth control, and would like something else that can limit menstuation, but I don't like the idea of having to take a pill everyday. I'm pretty forgetful, and without a period every now and then, (it was every three months on the shot), how will I know it's actually working? I sort of wish there was a once a month pill that had the same results. On the other hand, I know quite a bit of women who experience pretty debilitating mentrual problems who are definately waiting for this pill to come out. For me, conveinience is key so I think I'm going to start using the ring. I may get my period, but I won't have to worry about remembering a pill everyday.



  • daddysgotaharem By daddysgotaharem

    While I agree that it is tempting to end mensus, I can't believe that it is really good for us. I understand the need to "pause" ones cycle for a while, but I am not even sure that is healthy. No one would love to go without more than me, but like so many other things I am unsure that the long term effects have really been examined.

  • boopy63fl By boopy63fl

    I must say having your period is a pain in the neck, however us women get these periods for a reason. I think it would be very unhealthy to stop them completely. It also keeps us informed of many health problems we could have. I believe most Doctors will not recommend this.

  • dacus2472 By dacus2472

    I would love never to have a period again, and taking a pill daily for that wouldn't bother me a bit. However, I think we get our periods every month for a reason and would really question if it is safe to take a drug to stop it.

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