Saying Goodbye to "That Time of the Month?

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Saying Goodbye to
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Next month the Food and Drug Administration is expected to approve a new birth control pill that eliminates the period year round as long as it is taken daily. People in the health profession as well as consumers have begun to debate over whether this new pill should be approved.

The issue has even motivated one woman, Giovanna Chesler, to film a documentary concerning menstrual suppression called “Period: The End of Menstruation?” The issues currently being discussed are the unknown long-term effects of this pill as well as the idea that eliminating this natural human function seems wrong somehow.

A New York Times article reports that the company intending to put Lybrel on the market has done studies indicating that almost 2 out of 3 women they spoke with showed interest in eliminating their menstrual cycle. The professor who conducted these studies, Linda C. Andrist explains that women in this day and age are “too busy” for their periods.

One other issue that has been brought up is the idea that a woman’s natural period can alert women to underlying health problems by becoming irregular. If a woman takes a pill that does away with her period she is also giving up this natural warning system making it more difficult to treat or detect problems early on.

On the upside, this new pill is expected to make life a lot more manageable for the many women who suffer from extreme physical and mental stress during their monthly cycles.

Would you as a woman and consumer consider taking Lybrel to eliminate your period? 

Do you think your monthly cycle is an important part of being a woman or do you feel it’s an unnecessary inconvenience?

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  • kokonut1966 By kokonut1966

    I think that this is unnatural. I do not like this idea. I hope is doesn't get approved until I read/hear the benefits of this medicine.

  • infinite242 By infinite242

    I asked my gyno about this medicine when it was first coming out and he said that he strongly feels that women should have at least 4 periods a year, it's just a natural way of the bodies way of flushing out everything and keeping your system healthy. So we decided to put me on a different pill, one that allows me to have a period once every 3 months. It's great because I know exactly when I will get my period and it doesn't last very long, on average about 3 days and my flow is very light and I have hardly any PMS or cramping now, which I love about it! Quick, easy to deal with and if I want to skip my period for some reason, convienence or otherwise, I can do that by just starting a new pill pack. The pill I take is called Seasonique. I highly recommend it!

  • Betty2 By Betty2

    I think *people* need to QUIT playing with GOD's plan, and LET God BE GOD!

    That's what's wrong with this world warming, depleted ozone layers, etc. Too many people *stirring* the pot, and adding this or that to it...and the *soup* is turning into sh**!

    The *period* is God's punishment for Eve disobeying, but it also rids the body of certain impurities. Stop the *flow* of nature...and you're asking for BIGGER problems that just might prove MOST detrimental to women!

    Keep playing in GOD's territory, and woe be those that stir HIS wrath!

  • Habegger4 By Habegger4

    I have to say that for certain people stopping periods would be a good thing (ie. in the case of endo or severe PMMD/PMS. But for the general populus of women that have normal periods it would not be good because like previous posters have said lack of a period can be a sign of health issues.

  • michalann By michalann

    OK the benefits outwigh the risks. That's what I meant. LOL

  • michalann By michalann

    i have been running my birth control pill packets together for years and had to laugh when the big news hit. I have severe PMMD/PMS and found that without the break in hormones I actually remain human. Before pills I got my period every 45 to 60 days, never ever was regular in any sense anyway. When I confessed to my DR she said that she did the same thing. LOL I am on a very low dose pill. The risks for me FAR out weigh the sanity gained without other medicatins. I I ususally take a 4 or 5 day break every 12 weeks or so, planned around my obligations.

  • coffee4me56 By coffee4me56

    Not a good idea to mess with nature. It just dosn't seem like a smart choice to me, although i can see why it would be wanted by some who suffer more severly with their monthly periods. Coffeeclubmom

  • laperez2007 By laperez2007

    I wouldn't take these. I rather have my regular monthly times (even though I hate it)than to stop it. It's part of your body to natural get rid of what your body doesnt need. I wouldn't mess with this stuff.

  • suzannie41 By suzannie41

    Totally ridiculous!! Don't mess with Mother Nature.

  • leeann By leeann

    I have waited for something like this for years. I am going to discuss it with my doctor at my next visit.

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