Same-Sex Marriage Safe In Massachusetts

   By drodriguez  Aug 08, 2007

“In Massachusetts today, the freedom to marry is secure,” were the words spoken by Governor Deval Patrick last month after the legislature voted against a proposed amendment to the constitution that would define marriage as between a man and a woman. This is a big win for supporters of same-sex marriage and means that gay marriage cannot be challenged again in this state until 2012.

Since 2004 it has been legal for same-sex couples to get married in the state of Massachusetts. Though there are five states in the U.S. that have legalized civil union between gay couples, Massachusetts is currently the only state in the U.S. where same-sex marriage is legal.

Opponents of same-sex marriage started a petition to amend the constitution back in December of 2005. The Massachusetts Family Institute was able to collect 170,000 signatures and received support from Governor Mitt Romney to propose the amendment that would ban same-sex marriage.

Back in January the amendment went through its first round in the legislature and was met with approval votes from 62 lawmakers (it only needed 50 votes). Now in this final round in June it only received 45 votes supporting a ban on same-sex marriage, which means that a good deal of state legislators had to change their minds about same-sex marriage over these last few months.

One state legislator, Paul Kujawski, who originally voted to ban same-sex marriage but then changed his vote after hearing from same-sex marriage activists and meeting with gay men and women said, “I can’t take away the happiness those people have been able to enjoy.” He added, “Our job is to help people who need help, and I feel the gay side of the issue needed more help than the other side.”

What do you think of the latest win for same-sex marriage supporters in Massachusetts?

Do you think this latest vote in Massachusetts might sway more U.S. states to adopt same-sex marriage?

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BargainAddict by BargainAddict | Chippewa Falls, WI
Jan 05, 2010

Mass and just a short time ago my home state WI! I nearly fell off my chair while listening to the news that it had passed here in good old WI! Thank everyone who worked tirelessly on this campagin - not that htere should be a need for one to begin with. Don't let me get started now - LOL!! I just say a thanks for each step forward.

kissmecath by kissmecath | PERU, IN
Mar 30, 2009

This makes me very sad and disappointed.

Micia by Micia | Pahoa, HI
Jun 14, 2008

Thank God for any laws that abolish discrimination. Who one chooses to love is their own and private business and no State should interfere in it.

ravenwytch by ravenwytch | Irondale, AL
Jan 09, 2008

"A family unit is a man and a woman who have children together."

My husband and I do not have children. So we're not a family either? Who are we to decide what makes a family? I consider the person who has been my best friend for over twenty years to be part of my family. I am closer to her than I am to two of my brothers. She has stuck by me through times when everyone else walked away. She was the maid of honor at my wedding. It saddens me that I won't get to return the favor because she happens to be gay. For all the people who say that gay peole getting married "threatens the institute of marriage", I have this to say to you: If your marriage is threatened because two men or two women get married, then you have some serious problems in your marriage.

BostonSox by BostonSox | Milton, MA
Dec 29, 2007

Honestly, I believe that 75 years from now school children will be dumbfounded when they learn that discrimination based on sexual orientation was legal, much like I was dumbfounded when I learned that discrimation based on skin color used to be legal. I feel so strongly about the rights of ALL people.

Penguina by Penguina | BORDENTOWN, NJ
Nov 16, 2007

People should not be limited by their sexual orientation to get married or have a civil union and have a family with either adopt or have children with one of the two people in the relationship being a biological parent. In certain states with these couples are not allowed to have either civil unions or be married and as long as these couples are living together and only being intimate with each other and have a child they are raising they should be considered a family.

It is important to let go of the issues and let people make their own decisions of sexual orientation and the state should allow this. I am a firm believer that the religion and the state should be separated.

LILYflower2K6 by LILYflower2K6 | springfield, MA
Nov 16, 2007

WEll i live in mass and i can tell you ever thing is messed up here. I don't believe we should be forced things we do not want. I say let the people vote what they believe in. Why do the courts get to decide?? that is just my two cents though..

sweetcrazylaura by sweetcrazylaura | West Jordan, UT
Oct 30, 2007

A family is love. Is a family not a family if there is a single parent? What about blended families? Love makes a family, and if two people love each other, and they want to commit their lives to one another, they should be able to do so, regardless of who they fall in love with. People get SO hung up on the "SEX" aspect of same sex marriage. But it is love, and love only, that makes people want to commit to each other. I am so happy for the couples that are now able to be wed. I hope this trend continues, though I am SURE it will never happen in the state I currently live in (Utah, aka the reddest state!)

evansnene by evansnene | Washington, NC
Oct 03, 2007

evansnene says:

I so disagree with any state that wishes to condone gay marriages. A family unit is a man and a woman who have children together. I think this belief is becoming the minority and it is so very sad!

sharksteeth by sharksteeth | russell springs, KY
Sep 08, 2007

I believe that everyone is entitled to live and love how and who they want. It doesn't or shouldn't matter with whom you love as long as you can love, care, share, laugh and cry with them. How someone spends each and every day of their life shouldn't revolve around how someone else dictates because they are not open minded enough to see past their way.

Massachusetts is a starting point

Chosenone by Chosenone | Prophetstown, IL
Aug 29, 2007

I am not excited about this at all. It makes me very sad.

travelerandrea by travelerandrea | foxborough, MA
Aug 29, 2007

thank goodness i live in massachusetts!!!!!!!!!!

mrs_hayden by mrs_hayden | dalton, GA
Aug 29, 2007

I think if the law allows gay people to adopt children, they have every right in the world to be married.

ddf1230 by ddf1230 | Franklinton, LA
Aug 26, 2007

Great News, and long past time for our country to actually remember that the constitution enables rights for all.

im4evertaken by im4evertaken | valley, AL
Aug 26, 2007

I agree GO MASSACHUSETTS !!!!! Oh how i pray that one day Alabama will do the same. Yes we all do need to be loved and to have to the right to love whoever we want to. I pray all the States will open their eyes and hearts like Massachusetts has.. God Bless Everyone.....