Roseanne Barr Brings The Laughs In Her New Reality Series "Roseanne's Nuts"

   By drodriguez  Jul 13, 2011

It’s been quite a while since the queen of blue-collar comedy graced our TV screens, but Roseanne Barr makes her triumphant return tonight on Lifetime’s new reality series, "Roseanne’s Nuts".

The show, which according to Barr is based on reality but will definitely bring the funny, takes place on the comedian’s macadamia nut plantation in Hawaii where she lives with her partner Johnny Argent.

Los Angeles Times’ Mary McNamara recently gave the new show a glowing review describing it as having “no sound-track manipulated showdowns, no manufactured feuds,” like many reality shows we’ve become so used to seeing today.

But fans need not worry, with Barr around there is never a shortage of drama. Tonight’s episode will see the actress/comedian chasing down feral pigs with a rifle in an attempt to rid her farm of the pests.

McNamara adds, “The result is an occasionally weird, occasionally hilarious show that is simultaneously a window into the life of an eccentric performer and a wickedly fun send-up of the genre, dating all the way to Paris Hilton and 'The Simple Life'."

“Roseanne’s Nuts” premieres tonight at 9pm ET on Lifetime.

Will you be tuning in to the premiere of Roseanne Barr’s new reality show tonight?

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basilandcatnip by basilandcatnip | GARLAND, TX
Aug 10, 2011

I hadn't heard of this. Thanks for the FYI. I was wondering why she was making the talk show rounds and mentioning so much about her nut plantation, more so than just updating the public on where she'd been and what she's been up to. She never mentioned this project during the interviews I saw.

RoyalT by RoyalT | NEW YORK, NY
Jul 14, 2011

Did anyone catch this last night? I did not catch it last night but I was interested to see if it truly was different to the typical scripted reality shows.

Fawn77 by Fawn77 | TIPP CITY, OH
Jul 14, 2011

im not really sure what to think but i will give it a try at least once

shellzy by shellzy | Salt Lake City, UT
Jul 13, 2011

I am so tired of lifetime running these commercials...Can we say overkill......and that we are over Roseanne!!! I for one won't watch. I am a lifetime channel devotee...that is why I have seen these commercials too much...but I for one am NOT interested.