Politics and Pageantry

   By drodriguez  Jun 15, 2007

All is not well in the universe…the Miss Universe pageant that is. Held in Mexico City this year, the competition managed to send out a message we are unaccustomed to hearing from this event.

Miss U.S.A. (Rachel Smith) first had a major slip and fall during the evening gown segment and later was booed while taking part in the interview. Smith was also met with boos earlier in the week while wearing an Elvis Presley jumpsuit during a parade of international costume in downtown Mexico City.

It’s not that the audience had something personal against Rachel Smith, it was more a jab at the U.S. and a statement about Mexico’s growing disdain for current U.S. immigration practices. One issue that may have spurred jeers is the National Guard’s recent partnership with the U.S. Border Patrol to build hundreds of miles of walls on the Mexican / U.S. border in an attempt to keep illegal migrants from entering the States.

The latest U.S. Senate immigration proposal has also put a big strain on relations between Mexico and the U.S. The reform bill being proposed would set a limit on visas issued to foreign parents of U.S. citizens to 40,000 a year. This would be the first time consideration of family ties would be limited in 40 years.

After the pageant, Mexican media made statements about how unfair it was that Rachel Smith made it to the final round after falling on the runway, while Miss Mexico did not place. Many declared it just another example of how the U.S. is continually favored over other countries.

Do you think this Mexican audience chose the right forum in which to display their protest of U.S. immigration policy?

And what do you think of the new Senate immigration reform bill that, if passed, would set a limit of visas issued to foreign parents of U.S. citizens?

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sharman421 by sharman421 | TALLAHASSEE, FL
Jun 25, 2007

Beauty pageants seem so absolutely silly. But Miss USA should not have been booed, nor should she have been the object of the Mexicans' disapproval of the United States immigration policy. I too am a first generation American. My father not only came to this country legally, he fought for this country during WWII. Should we think globally? In certain areas, of course. But it is way too simplistic to say, 'do away with immigration laws'. Yes, there are degrees of poverty, cvarano. And yes, the American poor have many entitlements compared with third world countries. But, if we were not the wealthiest country in the world, we wouldn't be able to give so much to so many, and we do!

christyvette by christyvette | BUCHANAN, GA
Jun 25, 2007

The United States DOES help other countries! I don't care for beauty pageants but I think it is very stupid and immature to boo Miss USA. Most importantly, if Mexico has a problem with our immigration laws, maybe they should try to get their country running right and maybe there would not be so many illegal immigrants coming into the USA. Then we would not have to be trying to come up with fair laws or anything else to fight this rampant problem. My ancestors like so many other people's came into this country LEGAL and was well below the poverty line, but they had the "American Dream" and they worked their way up and made it in this country LEGALLY.

JustHeathery by JustHeathery | DULUTH, GA
Jun 23, 2007

Back to the question, no it was an improper action by the Mexican audience in booing Miss U.S.A in the pageant. There is a time and place for such things and this was not one of them. Imagine if it was held in the US and Miss Venezuela was booed, there would be a huge GLOBAL out cry about the stero-typical rude American juggernaut. There shouldn't be a dual standard on how a citizen of the US is treated vs a citizen of any other nation. In regards to assisting other nations I'm in the middle ground, I believe it's important to be charitable around the world as well as at home. However, in cvarano statement about stirring up anger towards Americans, USA gives the most money in foreign aid, dollar for dollar. We can't even use taxes because it is against the US Constitution. Hudson institute's study reports that US private donations is 3x our Gov aid, so speaking of juggernauts we are a monetarily the largest foreign aid contributor. Having been born and raised in a foreign country I can tell you that most of the "stirring up anger" I have witnessed is envy. Without a private donation I wouldn't have been able to come to the US and get a fantastic University undergrad education, and I am fortunate enough to be working on my PhD. To those who complain about the USA, I say take whatever donation the US hands out say "thank you" and do something with your life and help your country instead of moping and groaning like a 4 year old.

cvarano by cvarano | BROOKLYN, NY
Jun 17, 2007

I completely disagree with you snuggles31. We should be thinking globally. The United States is one of the wealthiest nations in the world and the most powerful. Yet we should be keeping all of our wealth instead of helping other countries that are filled with human beings just like you and me that are suffering? You can not compare the problems, including starvation, in the US with those of third world countries. It is exactly this nationalistic attitude that goes way beyond patriotism that is stirring up this anger towards Americans all over the world. I'd be angry too.

snuggles31 by snuggles31 | Chittenango, NY
Jun 15, 2007

The Mexican people were nasty to Ms USA that type of treatment would not happen here in the US. Beauty pagents should be stopped, what purpose do they serve in this country or any other country. America tries to help all of these other countries out and gets nothing but a slap in the face for it we need to help our people at home.Take all the money that is given to foreign goverments and put it in the pockets of people who are starving in the US and no one pays any attention to them.