Plus-Size Model Catches Body-Shamer on Camera Aboard Flight

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Jul 05, 2017

Many plus-size people who travel often know the pains of tiny airplane seats. Instagram model Natalie Hage is also familiar with the extra trouble she must go through to travel on a plane, but when her seatmate decided to take his rudeness to the next level, Hage was not afraid to have an open honest conversation with him about how to treat people.

The NY Daily News reports about the plus-size model’s ordeal aboard an American Airlines flight and how she managed to turn a very upsetting situation into a teaching moment about body shaming. Hage explains that she could not help but notice that the man sitting next to her was texting a friend with some hateful messages directed at her and her size.

The man made jokes about being pressed up against the window due to Hage’s size. He wrote that he was leaving a “neck mark on the window.” The friend at one point wrote, “Hopefully she didn't have any Mexican food.” To which the passenger responded, “I think she ate a Mexican.”

Hage made sure to take pics to show that she was not actually in this man’s way and his hateful exaggerations to his friend were completely unwarranted and hurtful. Hage says, “I'm already such an anxious flier, and this man was straight-up lying about me being in his space. He was using my size as a punching bag, for his amusement. He thought it was funny.”

Though Hage was able to keep calm and quiet throughout the flight, she knew she had to say something after landing. She confronted the man about the hateful messages she witnessed him writing to a friend about her and though he first denies making fun of her - he quickly apologizes after she quotes some of the text messages she saw. He gives the excuse that he had been drinking, but instead of making things better he follows up the apology explaining to Hage how she should not be sitting in the exit row seeing how she would be unable to assist passengers in an emergency due to her size.

It was at that point that Hage realized he wasn’t really remorseful. She says, “I knew at that point he wasn't really sorry. The texts were how he really felt.” She then calmly explains how she is a model, works out 5 times a week and that he should not judge her based on the way her body looks. Hage hopes that the video she was able to take of the confrontation will highlight her message about the harmfulness of body shaming. She says, “It's one thing to verbally tell your story, but I don't think it really hits home for people until they see it on video, especially people who don't understand this type of hatred, bias and prejudice. What came out of this man's mouth was very impactful. I didn't get his face. My point in doing it was to make a recording like a fly on the wall. Here's a little tiny piece of one interaction.”

What do you think about the statement Natalie Hage is making by posting this video publicly?

Do you think the video and her statements send a helpful message to those who may think it’s okay to joke around with friends in this way?

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Olivia-Monet by Olivia-Monet | Wharton, OH
Sep 09, 2017

Good for her!! The people that treat other human beings like that are just dissatisfied and embarrassed of themselves so they have to make fun other people to make themselves look bigger and feel better. Everyone has body and image issues and if they say they don't they're lying. People need to be more accepting and be able to look past weight.

speakingofHER by speakingofHER | Fontana, CA
Jul 13, 2017

I think she is so brave for doing this growing I wish we had this movement an size acceptance mind set I was beat down. As a teen I when I look back at it I realized I wasn't very big. At all the world can make you really hate or love your self depending​ or how you look or what you wear I'm so glad I have grown to love the skin I'm in so that I can pass that same love of self to my kids . I think Natalie DID THE RIGHT THING! HOW can a person learn from their behavior if no one EVER show's them it's WORNG!? ~~xoxo mojo~~

Jul 12, 2017

Ah 😞 the video was removed.

Jul 10, 2017

Good for you! I am a big girl too, and I understand how tight those airplane seats can be. I have very broad shoulders, that complete dominate the tiny seat space, which by the way are completely undersized. That guy was completely out of line and clearly compensating for his own short comings. Karma will catch up with him, as it always does.

Arl62q1 by Arl62q1 | DAVENPORT, FL
Jul 09, 2017

I think that hateful and judgmental people like that will always feel that way deep down inside it's like they can't help themselves from being so cruel and uncaring about other peoples feelings

GlowLitely8681 by GlowLitely8681 | Huntsville, AL
Jul 05, 2017

It really stinks that women have to endure the trespasses of little boys disguised as men. It really would be nice if we went back to not being so vocal about what we dislike and disapprove of in the next person.