Planning A Road Trip With The Kids? Entertain With These Games

   By drodriguez  Jul 07, 2011

Planning a family road trip this summer? Keeping kids entertained for the long haul can be quite a challenge. Of course DVD players and video games are great tools for kids in cars, but here are a few non-tech games your kids can play so you won’t hear the dreaded, “Mom, I’m bored” quite as often.

The website MomsMinivan is a great resource for car game ideas. One game that might work better for older kids is giving them a small allowance for the day. They will look forward to all of those pit stops where they can pick up treats and souvenirs. It can be a little reward for good behavior and will serve as a mini-economics lesson.

Momsminivan also offers printable activities to play in the car like bingo, travel scavenger hunt, sing-along lyrics, and much more.

USAToday also offers a few tips for keeping kids occupied in the car. Bringing along dry erase boards (one for each child to prevent bickering) is a great tool that will help kids play all kinds of car games like tic-tac-toe, hang man, madlibs, etc.

Got kids hard at work on their ABC’s? The classic alphabet game where you search for things outside the car window that begin with each letter of the ABC’s is fun and great practice for little ones.

Planning a family road trip this summer?

Tell us what games you and your family play in the car!


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