Personal Decisions: Is It For You?

   By inspiringgaia  Aug 19, 2012

Working a full-time job was a dream of mine until I met my husband. We both have our own dreams and goals, but there was one thing we had agreed upon and that was for him to work and I stay home with the kids. When I had my oldest two I was working a full time job as a Call Center Customer Service Representative making very good money then I left due to DD4 having being premature and needing extra attention. After her, I had DS3 and I just never felt the need to go back to work since my husband was providing the income and we were doing fine.


I had the picture perfect view of being a stay at home mother, homeschooling the children, eventually becoming self-sufficient on food, clothing, shelter, energy. The husband and I have agreed on how we wanted to raise our family and that was for me to stay home with the kids (whether I work from home or don't work from home).


Now I am working a full-time job outside the home while 1 hr in the morning and an hour or two before I head to bed to work on my blog. The blog is still currently a hobby, but I do enjoy the periodic payments for reviewing products.


My ultimate goal is to be staying home with the kids, but in certain circumstances I have to work. Sometimes, you have to do what you have to do. If I do stay home with the kids, I most likely will be working online or use one of my hobbies as a way to generate income.


I have finished a couple of meetings about direct selling, but nothing that people are use to seeing. I've decided to try out fairly new products/companies or companies that are not widely used or known in my area. I understand its going to be hard to get people into it because of the price, but I have checked out and tried the products myself and I think its more about quality than quantity. You'll hear more about this in future post. 


I want to expand my 'title', but not having to sacrifice my time outside the home with the kids. Working to be your own boss is nothing different than working for another establish company. You still have to put in the hours in order to generate the income. The more time you spend the more money you make. 


I'm willing to put in the hours to make my other businesses to thrive more than my 40/hr paying job. And in order to generate income you have to invest not only time, but also your money. Most companies need to borrow or ask for investors, but I don't want to do that. I rather work for my money in order to invest in my businesses. Most wait to use their profit in order to invest (get money first then offer product/services).


I know in the end working outside the home will eventually get me to be working either in my own small office/building or in the comforts of my home traveling to different areas of the country or even the world! We all have to start somewhere and most of the time its at the bottom. 


As a stay at home mom, do you work or do you enjoy every moment of being a full-time mother?

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zoethegreat by zoethegreat | MAPLEWOOD, NJ
Aug 20, 2012

I work full time out of the house and really wish that I had more time with my kids. Its a real dilemma for my me and I vacillate all the time about whether its the right choice. It definitely not simple and you'd get a different answer depending on which day you asked me!