One Mom's Message To Love Your "Muffin Top"

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Mar 04, 2014

You may have noticed your body isn’t in quite the same shape after a pregnancy or two. No matter how much exercise or dieting you do you will never have the “before kids” body, but one comedian would prefer we all love our “muffin tops” and forget about flat tummy worries.

Finding love and humor in our new bodies is the message behind stand-up comic Erin Keaney’s hilarious new music video she posted on YouTube titled “Muffin Top”. In the video Keaney dances around, letting it all hang out and singing lyrics like: “Thee next time you wave your hands in the air, Don’t be shy, let it fly, there's no need to be scared, Your muffin top just wants to come out, There's nothing wrong, sing this song, then start to shout.”

Keaney recently spoke with Today about the message she wished to send to the public and her two daughters about accepting our bodies and not comparing ourselves to models and celebrities. Even though Keaney tries to send this message at home, her 10 year old daughter has already begun eying the impossibly thin models in magazines. Keaney says, “It’s not a realistic view of females' bodies. We don’t talk about thin or fat in our house. We just talk about what your body does for you. I wanted my girls to know that I love my body.”

What do you think of Erin Keaney’s “Muffin Top” music video?

Do you think this humorous video sends a good message about body image?


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MadHatter by MadHatter | Whitestone , NY
Mar 05, 2014

I actually find this video a little revolting. I don't understand the concept of it. sure she wants women to embrace their body type and that we all come in all different shapes, but to state that just cause you can't lose the weight, its OK to eat all that junk to make yourself even more fat? I get that not many people have time to exercise with a busy work schedule, taking care of the family, chores and cleaning, but I am sure giving up 30 minutes of your time in working out, eating right 4-5 time a day could make even the toughest jelly roll shrink a few. It all starts in the kitchen! stop eating that junk full of sugar and carbs or even food drenched in oil and maybe you would notice a difference.