Nip One, Tuck All

   By drodriguez  Jan 11, 2009

As we get older a lot of us feel the pressure to look younger and some of us go to great lengths to obtain this look.  To assume that this kind of pressure is only felt by women would be a mistake.  Ask any plastic surgeon and they’ll tell you that women are not the only ones getting work done these days.  The number of men going under the knife in the name of looking younger is on the rise.  

Though both men and women often seek out plastic surgeons, they don’t necessarily want the same things.  According to a recent Newsday article women are much more likely to request body contouring than men.  Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Alan Freedman reports that a growing trend for older women is procedures like the “tummy tuck” and liposuction.  Freedman claims that years ago women over 50 were not so interested in these surgeries.

Men are not as interested in procedures below the neck.  The American Society of Plastic Surgeons says that the number one procedure being performed on men is nose reshaping followed by eyelid surgery.  For women, the top procedure is breast augmentation followed by liposuction.  Freedman reports that more men are requesting cosmetic surgeries after their wives have had work done.  Freedman says, “It’s because they’re hanging around with women who are looking better and better,”

Freedman also attributes the rise in male cosmetic surgery to a tougher working environment.  Since baby boomers are more often the target of layoffs than their younger coworkers, some men (and women) may try turning back the clocks with surgery in order to stay afloat.

Plastic surgery is not the answer for many men and women who occasionally worry about the affects of aging.  Dr. Freedman has some advice for those of us who want to look good without undergoing surgery.  Freedman advises men and women to stay out of the sun, “There’s no such thing as a healthy tan.”  He also recommends using a good moisturizer to “keep the skin a little thicker, and that makes it look younger.”

What do you think of the news that a growing number of men are having cosmetic surgery?

Do you think work-related competition may have something to do with why people choose plastic surgery?


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ABBYMS by ABBYMS | madison, MS
Jun 13, 2009

I personally want to grow old naturally. Some of the plastic surgery I have seen looks rediculous. The breasts, in particular. Each to their own.

raysbatgirl by raysbatgirl | Tampa, FL
Jun 04, 2009

I just had a Tummy tuck 7 months ago. I'm so happy it was all worth it. Painful, yes! But my family gave me all the support I needed. And that I had the Best Dr. ever. He is Dr. Frank William Rieger ,607 South Magnolia Ave., Tampa ,Fl. --- I waited 35 years for my surgery. Which I call , corrective not elective. After 3 c/sections, & other surgeries. Would consider other things later. But not my FACE.

candy_apple1990 by candy_apple1990 | Caro, MI
Feb 24, 2009

I am a curvy girl. I'm not really worried about my weight, but I feel like my breasts don't match the rest of me. They are small, and even now, out of high school and in the real world, I get teased because they are small. I understand why people go under the knife to make themselves a little more appealing. I agree that sometimes people take it to far, but if there is something you really don't like about your body, I think it's ok to tweak it a little. The technology is out there. If you can afford it, why not take advantage of it?

y42796 by y42796 | Auburn, WA
Feb 20, 2009

I definitely think alot of plastic surgery these days is for career purposes (anti-aging procedures that is). That said, I have never understood why women like boob jobs so much. Thinner women tend to have smaller breasts, that is natural, and curvaceous women larger ones. Accept your bodies people! Each body type has it's pros and cons. Personally I would tend to lean toward face work, as I have always hated my nose. I think it is great the plastic surgeon recommends staying out of the sun. Sunscreen and avoiding too much sun exposure are incredibly important, not just for cosmetic reasons but also to avoid skin cancer. A blonde relative of mine got skin cancer at a young age and since then I avoid the sun and always wear sunscreen.

Evolettsmom by Evolettsmom | Kinder, LA
Feb 19, 2009

well i am 23 and i can say that i have always wanted big breasts like most of friends! now that i have had my baby and won't be breastfeeding on the next one ((OUCH!!)) i am looking into getting them as soon as i get the money!! i have looked into the websites where you can raise money from guys-- but most of them are perverts, and i just would rather pay for the surgery myself than have guys want me to get naked for them just to give me a few dollars! i have alot more self respect!!

staabch1 by staabch1 | Savannah, GA
Feb 04, 2009

I believe that if it is going to make you feel better as an individual to have agumentation in any form being male or female, then you have every right. There are risks, there are perks. This is when everyones free choice and the right to feel beautiful in whatever way makes them happy comes to play.

erica_cal by erica_cal | Scotts Valley, CA
Feb 04, 2009

No, we are not a beauty obsessed nation because none of these people look beautiful. They just look very processed--like people who do all kinds of unhealthy things and expect to paste over them with 'procedures.' My grandmother used steam and vaseline on her face and at 80 she still has no wrinkles. A little bit of maintenance can prevent the need for a lot of these things. Further, with the absurd expectations men have for women's appearances I see no problem with men going under the knife! Can they get rid of their pot bellies and baldness while they're at it?

msfriendly by msfriendly | MONROE, WI
Jan 30, 2009

As I have commented on other blogs. We are a beauty obsessed sociey..thanks to the media. Why do we feel we have to do things to our bodies to feel better and more accepted? It is nice to know this network of women seem to feel the same way!

sweethonesty by sweethonesty | Vernon, NJ
Jan 28, 2009

First of all, I will never have the money for any surgical procedures. If I did I would do some repairs, like a breast "lift" not augmentation (too afraid of side effects, implants bursting etc) some lipo her and there wouldn't hurt. I know, I know, exercise and eat right. I eat okay, it is the exercising. I am always too tired. I work twelve hour days and go to school. Who has the time?? I could use a little help, you know? As for men and plastic surgeries, if they want to, why not; but I find men usually get more sex appeal as they age, a certain rugged maturity for most.

Beaniesmom by Beaniesmom | Brandon, FL
Jan 25, 2009

I think it costs a lot of money to only fool yourself...... Look at the botox ladies on TV with their perfect unlined faces, and then take a look at their necks!! I suggest anyone who gets a face firming technique also remember that turkey neck with tell on you every time. Look at Katie Couric these days! Hardly recognize her!!

oravets4 by oravets4 | SHAMONG, NJ
Jan 23, 2009

I think men are starting to get more plastic surgery because it is the "in" thing to do and they figure if women are stopping the aging process, why can't they. Everything is about how you look and how thin you are now. I feel work-related competition is a big reason why so many people are going under the knife.

anu_p_pai by anu_p_pai | pittsburgh, PA
Jan 23, 2009

I thisk if u r not happy with urself only then women go ahead and do such things, try to be content , its so normal to age its a part of our life...probaby i will never go for it , am gonna be 30 this yr but am proud and happy about it!!!

tigpooh1516 by tigpooh1516 | GREENWOOD, IN
Jan 19, 2009

I am definately one who thinks that you should age naturally. There is just way too much competition out there and way too many people get caught up in looking the youngest and most beautiful/handsome. I think there is something wonderful about seeing a man or woman aging and it is just so...normal. I hate seeing a woman that looks plastic in the face or looks 30 when she is 50. I don't see work having anything to do with it, but just sheer competition for looking the best.

am_i_lost by am_i_lost | Centralia, IL
Jan 16, 2009

I think work competion has everything to do with it! Along with every magazine you pick-up, every TV show you watch, etc... There's so much pressure to look picture perfect all time. I always thought that I wanted to get my breasts and a tummy tuck done until a recent illness and I was in the hospital. Every time they put in an IV my veins blew!! It was the most horrible pain!! I will not jump in any line to get any kind of work done unless it's a must have deal!!!

virginiamother by virginiamother | Glade Hill, VA
Jan 15, 2009

I would never do it, but I guess every one has their own thoughts and ideas. I don't really believe people hire you on your looks, unless it is tv or something like that. This day and time they need knowledge and experience. So instead of spending money on plastic surgery, try more education to keep up with the new stuff that is being taught in colleges.