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Jury Finds Casey Anthony Not Guilty Despite Opposing Public's Opinion

on Jul 14, 2011: I think the look on her face when the words "Not Guilty" registered in her brain tells all. She was as surprised as all of us.

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Would You Like Fries...And A Beer With That? Fast Food Restaurants Add Alcohol To The Menu

on Jul 14, 2011: I don't think it is necessary to drink EVERYWHERE. These places are geared towards kids. It's more a kids hangout than a restaurant where the family goes to enjoy a burger, in my opinion. They are always near schools, that is who they want to attract. Ever been around a Chuckie Cheese's when the p…

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From Soil to Plate: Why You Should Consider Growing Your Own Vegetables

on May 18, 2011: I live in Florida, so our growing season starts early. I already have tomato plants that are 5' high, and loaded with tomatoes. Also a huge cucumber plant full of flowers. I've started califlower, peppers, jalapenos. And a few years ago, I bought fresh pineapples, and put the tops in a little pot…