Nancy Pelosi: A First For Women in Politics

   By drodriguez  May 15, 2007

On January 4, 2007 Nancy Pelosi was sworn in as United States Speaker of the House of Representatives. This marked a very historic day, as Nancy Pelosi is the first woman to ever hold the position of Speaker of the House.

Because she holds the rank of second in line to presidential succession after Vice President Dick Cheney, she is considered by many to be the most powerful woman in US politics to date. She is the first woman to ever be this close in line to the presidency.

During her career in public service she has always made it a point to rally behind a multitude of issues involving the equality and rights of women. It is clear that the election of such a strong women's rights supporter signals a great shift in opportunities for women in politics.

Nancy Pelosi's historic victory in the House of Representatives is a victory for all women, no matter their political leanings. She has cleared the way for women who wish to be more involved in the leadership roles this country offers.

Nancy Pelosi addressed the issue best in her speech she gave the day she was elected Speaker of the House:

For our daughters and granddaughters, today we have broken the marble ceiling. For our daughters and our granddaughters, the sky is the limit, anything is possible for them.

What do you think of Speaker Pelosi's performance so far?

Do you think Nancy Pelosi's victory will make future leadership positions more attainable for women?

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Professor by Professor | Cape Elizabeth, ME
Oct 20, 2007

I am disgusted with her behavior and her liberal views. She and Harry Reid aren't concerned with our well being as Americans. They are taking us way off course.

sharman421 by sharman421 | TALLAHASSEE, FL
May 26, 2007

Not impressed with Pelosi's devisiveness. A person's gender, race, or religion should not be a factor for young women to "look up to". Surely, we've gone beyond that. Young women can and should be whatever they aspire to be. I don't consider Pelosi to be that kind of an inspiration. If anything, her behavior has been a disappointment.

fisfall by fisfall | Philadelphia, PA
May 26, 2007

I'm still impressed with Pelosi. She's a hard and dedicated worker.

shespeakstome11 by shespeakstome11 | Cranston, RI
May 22, 2007

Speaker Pelosi may not be the woman we want our daughters and granddaughters aspiring to be like. When politics of division are practiced, no one wins. I am still waiting for the politician who speaks with the country's best interest in mind, no matter what party.

anchoragemama by anchoragemama | Anchorage, AK
May 22, 2007

Where do I start... Pelosi might be considered something for young women to look up to. In my book she should be tried for treason for the things that you said about a President of the United States and our Country it self. If she had been Republican, the Democrates would have brought her up on charges before she set foot back in this country. We might have 2 major parties in this country with lots of diverse opinions coming from all directions, (thats what makes us Americans) but when you step out of this country you become American only. United We Stand Divided We WILL Fall. You do not go to a foreign government and talk ill of your country's leader or policys. It is not Pelosi's place to say the things she did, or put our Armed Forces in danger. She undermined the office of the President of the United States and was disloyal and put the lives of our servicemen and women in danger. How dare she act like she is a woman for other women to look up to. No matter who the President is you do NOT undermine the office on foreign soil. She is a snake, looking out only for herself and making a name in the political game. This nation will fall if we do not pull together and get a President who knows how to lead, be firm with Foreign Leaders , both allies and not. Weather this type of president is male or female matters little. Its not the sex, color or religion of our leaders that we need to be concerned about, It's their abilities, convictions, strength, morals and most of all their love for this country standards and constitution. In my opinion Pelosi hasn't any high standards so she hides behind Liberal Media, pointing her finger at everyine else.

fanofvintage by fanofvintage | Mapleton, UT
May 21, 2007

Pelosi is a liberal Democrat. I find her to be annoying. It is all about the politics for her. I would never vote for her. Having lived in the state of California, I have seen her in action, and I am not impressed.

fisfall by fisfall | Philadelphia, PA
May 20, 2007

I really didn't recognize the name Pelosi until she became Speaker of the house. I was impressed with her speech but she really impressed me when she held her own with a chauvinistic reporter who was trying to put her down on national TV . Everything I've seen so far assures me she's the right women for the job

MommaGeorge by MommaGeorge | Beaverton, OR
May 18, 2007

I think Pelosi is a very strong woman and she does inspire others to strive for a goal, but I think she oversteps her boundaries and eventually it will be to her detriment.

JustHeathery by JustHeathery | DULUTH, GA
May 16, 2007

I can't help but to agree with cvarano, I dislike Pelosi and her recent travels, however it is an important milestone for all women. I hope when my daughter is old enough to vote the topic of sex would not be a factor when choosing a candidate.

cvarano by cvarano | BROOKLYN, NY
May 15, 2007

As much as I'm not a huge fan of Pelosi, I do think this is definitely a milestone for women. I think this is only the beginning of seeing more women in politics. With women like Nancy Pelosi to look up to more young women may be inspired to follow in her footsteps.

didama by didama | MAPLEWOOD, NJ
May 15, 2007

I find Nancy Pelosi inspiring! Kudos to a her for naking history in this country. She also seems to have a level head and will get things done!