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  • lilbluetreefrog By  lilbluetreefrog    

    Entertaining for the whole family, even though it is predictable and geared towards kids.

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  • kimbo755 By  kimbo755    

    Cute movie however the idea is way overdone. I really enjoyed Ned!

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  • HollyPritchettxoxo By  HollyPritchettxoxo    

    Not too impressive, idea seems overdone.

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  • BreLizzy By  BreLizzy    

    Didn't care for it or Zac

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  • makhter14 By  makhter14    

    Movie is definetly a lighter, more fun movie. Nothing too intense and the plot is great. Great movie for all ages and genders!

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  • gwanita By  gwanita    

    the kids still watch this over and over it is in my dvd player as i type

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  • Charlisha222 By  Charlisha222    

    Cute movie, great actors, nice story line. I have watched this movie a few times. I recommend watching.

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  • colieblack By  colieblack    

    I really enjoyed this movie. Great storyline, it was funny, but made you think, and even brought on a few tears.

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  • enksmommy By  enksmommy    

    This was a great movie. We rented it because our daughters Love Zac. he did a great job. Found many parts very funny. Definately recommend.

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  • peacelovepink0x14 By  peacelovepink0x14    

    i loved this movie! zac efron and the whole cast were wonderful and hilarious! some parts were a little iffy for younger viewers, but definitely not like the usual garbage that infests the movie theaters these days!

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  • Sjbutterfie By  Sjbutterfie    

    I watched this movie the night before last and I thought it was a very cute movie and hit home with me because my father went through basically what the main character went through. It really just through me a loop because I was like wait a minute... ? Who's been following our lives lol. My Dad is the could have been basketball star, My Mom got pregnant with my little brother than me, They almost got a divorce then made up and then my husband is a huge Star Trek & Lord of the rings fan so the Ned Character really made me laugh a lot because my husband. I loved this movie. It was sweet and funny. I expected it to be corny.

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  • likeinabook By  likeinabook    

    Zac Efron is adorable in this movie. Any fan of his is going to really like this movie. Most romantic comedies have a very formulaic plot line and this is no exception, but it is still very charming and funny. I would go so far as to say that it is one of the better "romedies" I have seen.

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  • basilandcatnip By  basilandcatnip    

    I didn't think I'd like it but I did. You could buy him playing the father after the change.

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  • dreamstar2380 By  dreamstar2380    

    I laughed through this movie. Zac did a great job. really starting to come out of the High School Musical thing rather well.

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  • lvknisley By  lvknisley    

    This movie was had a wonderful story line and I actually cried a little too!!

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