Movie 17 Again

Movie 17 Again

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Didn't care for it or Zac

Not too impressive, idea seems overdone.

this movie is great and i love the story but it's very expected. other than that it's a funny and cute family movie with lots of laughs and well....ZAC is hot in it. so i'll watch it agian.

Zac Efron is adorable in this movie. Any fan of his is going to really like this movie. Most romantic comedies have a very formulaic plot line and this is no exception, but it is still very charming and funny. I would go so far as to say that it is one of the better "romedies" I have seen.

This was a great movie. We rented it because our daughters Love Zac. he did a great job. Found many parts very funny. Definately recommend.

I really enjoyed this movie. Great storyline, it was funny, but made you think, and even brought on a few tears.

Cute movie, great actors, nice story line. I have watched this movie a few times. I recommend watching.

Movie is definetly a lighter, more fun movie. Nothing too intense and the plot is great. Great movie for all ages and genders!

Cute movie however the idea is way overdone. I really enjoyed Ned!

I didn't think I'd like it but I did. You could buy him playing the father after the change.

This movie was had a wonderful story line and I actually cried a little too!!

Entertaining for the whole family, even though it is predictable and geared towards kids.

Super cute! It made me laugh and cry!

Wasn't sure what to expect. Was thinking it was another teen movie, but I really enjoyed it. It really hit upon a lot of teen values. I would recommend this for the whole family especially if you do have a teen in high school.

I liked it, and my little sister ADORED it. There were a couple parts on the movie where I felt like they were copying things out of other movies that I've seen, but overall it was a very cute and funny movie.