Mom's Post-Pregnancy Photo Shoot Sends Body-Positive Message

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Aug 04, 2016

Rather than hiding that post-baby body behind old maternity tops and a well-placed baby over her belly, mom-blogger Olivia White did something kind of remarkable. She chose to take glamour shots fresh from having a baby in an effort to relay a message of body-love and acceptance to her daughters.

Today reports about White’s photo shoot and the message she hopes comes through loud and clear to her two daughters. In a Facebook post White writes, “Puffy face, droopy milk filled boobs, wider hips and belly full of stretch marks!! That's my post baby reality, no 'bouncing back' here. It might not be the 'transformation' body so many ogle or aspire to! And sure, some days I wish it didn't jiggle so much and was a bit 'firmer' but then I just remember the awesome s**t it's done and cut myself some slack and go eat a cheeseburger, because we earned it.”

The shots depict her scantily clad, breast feeding her new daughter and even a close-up pic of the stretch marks on her belly. Though not what you see every day, the photos are very tastefully done and White hopes they will manage to send a positive and uplifting message about body image to her daughters. White explains why when she took her newborn daughter for professional photos she decided to strip down as well. She says, “You are a mother now, you carried a child/children for nine months, you worked SO hard to do that and why would you want to hide that.”

White was happy with the photos and wanted to keep them for herself and family to cherish, but decided in the end to post one of them to Facebook. She explains this decision saying, “At first, it was just for myself but after seeing so many photos of 'fit mums' and slender models showing their post-baby body only days later looking like they never even carried a child, I thought 'well why can't I show mine.”

What do you think of this mom’s post-baby photo shoot?

Do you think images like this will help send young women a positive message about body image?

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Maidof4 by Maidof4 | PEKIN, IL
Sep 05, 2016

I feel that breastfeeding is such a wonderful thing. Firstly, it encourages the bonding between mother and child. Secondly, it promotes health. However, breast feeding is not for every mother and or every baby. Her message is speaking volumes for women everywhere. Motherhood or not, she is showing the world that it is okay to love your skin. Natural is normal and beauty is not just 'on the inside'!

Chardonnayway by Chardonnayway | Lethbridge, OU
Aug 12, 2016

Beautiful, this is the kind of image we need to be promoting. Not all women "bounce back" after pregnancy, and not all women want to!

Ortiz2016 by Ortiz2016 | BRONX, NY
Aug 07, 2016

Yes I do, seeing this just made me want to do this after I have my baby. This one is the third one too so that says a lot.