Many Men Opt For Surgery to Keep Up With the Beard Trend

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Mar 23, 2014

The current beard trend has been with us a while and much to the chagrin of women who go gaga over a man with a little extra facial hair it doesn’t look like men will be shaving any time soon. From hipsters to professionals on the job, the beard movement has spread in recent years leaving men who are unable to maintain a healthy amount of stubble looking for other ways to fill in the gaps.

CNN reports about a surgical procedure trending among men who desire a little more hair on their chin. All across the country plastic surgeons are seeing a major uptick in facial hair transplants among men who can’t seem to grow a beard.

The procedure itself is pretty involved and can be expensive, up to $7,000. Portland, Oregon’s Dr. Steven Gabel explains how his facial hair transplant business has taken off in recent years and what the procedure entails. He says, “It is a very meticulous procedure. The hard part is the angle. You have to go with the natural angle. You don't want to put it in sticking straight out.” Dr. Gabel explains that in order to perform the procedure he must take hair from another part of the body (usually the back bottom of hairline) and transfer them to the face.

And it’s not just beards men are looking to create on their face. Dr. Bernard Arocha of Austin, Texas explains how he sees requests for many different facial hair styles from his primarily 20 to 30 something clientele. He says, “Procedures for mustaches, sideburns and beards have been in increased demand over the past year or two. It's more in vogue, stylish.”

Do you prefer a man clean shaven?

What do you think of the current trend of men seeking out facial hair transplants?

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