Let Them Eat Fruit! Victoria Beckham Says No to Cake on Her Birthday

   By drodriguez  Apr 27, 2012

Victoria “Posh” Beckham has always been known for her fashion sense and slim figure, but a recent birthday tweet by the celeb has many up in arms over her dietary habits and whether or not she should eat cake on her birthday.

Beckham recently tweeted a photo of a plate of fruit with the words “Happy Birthday” spelled out in chocolate syrup along the edges of the dish. She tweeted the message, “Birthday lunch!!! Such a lovely day!!!! X vb.” The headline making tweet comes just days after reports surface that the svelte fashion designer regularly orders dry lettuce as an entrée at restaurants.

Even those on strict diets tend to make an exception for a slice of cake or high calorie treat on a special occasion like a birthday. But as it seems, Beckham is sticking with her usual low-cal fare on her special day. Message boards on sites like People that ran the story lit up with angry comments from those who felt the fashion designer should indulge a bit more on her birthday.

What do you think about the public reaction to Beckham’s tweet about her fruit lunch on her birthday?

What type of treats do you indulge in on special occasions?

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cnncynth by cnncynth | DETROIT, MI
Apr 29, 2012

You go Victoria!! I live for her because she is so eccentric!! She defines gravity with her footwear, her clothing is out of this world, and she is a food rebel!!:) So if Victoria wants fruit for her birthday, then Kudos to her! Plus, she's so tiny that maybe she was afraid she'd be mistaken for one of the candles on the cake (no shade)!! :) :)

Hiiyooitscat by Hiiyooitscat | LOS ANGELES, CA
Apr 29, 2012

thats cool.. I would love to have cake though. I love those fruit cakes lol.. but im glad she was happy with what she had and got what she wanted =)

Jaclyn430 by Jaclyn430 | MODESTO, CA
Apr 28, 2012

Maybe she had a cake at home with her family? Maybe she doesn't like cake? If you're used to eating a certain way and then indulge in a treat, it often leads to feeling bloated and having a stomach ache. Perhaps she didn't want to feel miserable on her birthday? Bottom line...who cares? It's her birthday, let her eat her fruit in peace! (I want cake on my birthday though!)

GinaLola by GinaLola | ELK GROVE, CA
Apr 28, 2012

She should be able to eat what she wants and not have anyone criticize her. It's her business what she chooses to eat on her birthday. I personally like to have my favorites on my birthday which is cupcakes! I love them! YUM!

jemappel by jemappel | Rye Brook, NY
Apr 27, 2012

I don't think it's anyone's business what she eats. You can't trust gossip about celebs anyway...who knows what she actually does/doesn't eat. She managed to give birth to 4 healthy kids, so she must be eating something. If she does have a problem, it's her close family and friends who should be observing what she eats and trying to help her - not random people commenting on the Internet who don't have all the information.