Internet Trend Helps Busy Parents

   By drodriguez  Apr 04, 2009

Most of us don’t have the time to call up that wise old friend every half hour to beg advice about quick meals and parenting techniques, nor does that friend even exist.  Thankfully, we now can turn to specialized websites for that quick fix of helpful recommendations and expert insights to get us through the days. 

Websites that help parents organize their lives in a simple way is a growing trend that will only continue growing as long as there are busy parents.  One new website that is developing quite a following among busy parents of kids ages newborn to about ten-years-old is  IttyBits offers a wide range of advice and recommendations to its members on anything from travel and entertainment to green living and parenting.  Subscribers to the site receive free daily emails that are both helpful and quick to digest.

Another website that many users may consider to be a lifesaver is  This website is designed to be a one stop shop for those in need of gifts for the little ones.  The best part of GiftHero is how simple it is to use.  All you have to do is give the child’s gender and age and how much you want to spend before multiple gift recommendations are displayed.  This is a great alternative to crowded stores or if you have just forgotten what 4-year-old girls are into. helps parents in need of expert advice on many subjects like school anxiety and single parenting.  This site includes a forum for parents to exchange wisdom related to raising kids.  TheParentReport also allows its users to track topical advice about their children based on their age from newborn to teenagers.  Of course these websites are never the final word on our daily decisions but they can offer great advice that we otherwise would not have had the chance to hear.

What do you think of visiting website like the ones discussed above for advice and recommendations?

Do you have a place you go to for this type of information on a daily basis?

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Jun 15, 2009

I am in love with at my job I buy a lot of birthday and special occasion gifts for our clients. This ROCKS!!!!

maelyn by maelyn | stockton, CA
May 29, 2009

My son and I came across a free website called . It is a webiste that provides charts for chores, healthy ideas, homework, and even personal care. Kids earn points for everything from brushing their teeth to playing with the dog. Points can be redeemed for your own custom rewards. There are also games and a virtual world for the kids. A++ website

Mamoexcoffi by Mamoexcoffi | TUCSON, AZ
May 08, 2009

Always in need of places to go to get good info. I have a family of 7 so I find it helpful to read and get info to make life a little bit easier. Going to visit the sites...

buttercup7717 by buttercup7717 | JENISON, MI
May 02, 2009

I think sites like these can be a lifesaver! It's terrible that we're so busy these days and don't always have the time we need...but every little bit helps when it means saving time that could otherwise be spent with family!

homeworker111 by homeworker111 | Seffner, FL
May 01, 2009

Those are great ideas. Especially the gift hero. People dont always know what to get kids of certain ages.

Blueoceans by Blueoceans | Hudson, NH
Apr 25, 2009

thank you

BlondieKAA by BlondieKAA | CRIVITZ, WI
Apr 22, 2009

Sounds like these have great information! I'll have to visit these sights.

arial2009 by arial2009 | Houston, TX
Apr 18, 2009

I will definitely check these sites. Thanks

tjshorty by tjshorty | york, NE
Apr 16, 2009

That is interesting. Thanks for the information.

gadjur1 by gadjur1 | NEWBERG, OR
Apr 12, 2009

GiftHero is a great idea. We go to so many birthday parties and need to bring presents, I run out of ideas!

agaphmou by agaphmou | ASTORIA, NY
Apr 11, 2009

Interesting,I have never heard of them either.I have to save them on my favorites!

wmcnicol by wmcnicol | rogers, AR
Apr 08, 2009

Def. checking these out!!! Thanks.

Kristilee by Kristilee | NEW ROCHELLE, NY
Apr 08, 2009

great resources! thankg She Speaks

oneamazingwife by oneamazingwife | pooler, GA
Apr 06, 2009

That is cool! Thanks! Going there now!

lovingheartmommy by lovingheartmommy | Middletown, RI
Apr 06, 2009

Wow these are some very useful websites, I'm off to check them out!