I Will NOT Feel How I Look Today

   By TheMrsTee  Sep 10, 2013

Have you ever had a day where you really didn't look that great?  Seriously, everyday is not a pretty day.  Well today was that day for me.  I was standing there telling my self I will not feel how I look right now.  My hair was is a mess (I have not been able to have a Momma salon day in almost forever), my skin is doing this revert back to my teenage acne days thing that I can't seem to get under control and the two things combined were making me just a hot mess.  Yes, I know we should always think positive have a great image of ourselves but in reality today was just Eh.  I didn't feel pretty and from what I saw I didn't really look it either.

photo 2 (15)

The fact that today was my Girlie's 1st Grade Open House didn't add to my emotional perception of how I looked.  I felt like I was going to be under scrutiny by her new Principal, teachers, other parents, etc.  So leaving the house feeling underwhelmed myself wasn't going to help the situation.  I knew I had to do something to change my own perception if i thought I was going to have a positive impact on anyone else's.

This is when I stood in the mirror and literally had a mini pep talk with myself.  It went kinda like this:

"Ok Tiffany.  You're not having the best hair day and your skin is working against you but we can work with this.  I will not feel how I look today!  I will not feel how I look!"

After that, I brushed my hair into the tightest ponytail I could manage.  scrubbed my face with some good old fashioned Noxzema (no endorsement or compensation) and decided to dressed as if I was Hot Stuff.  I put on a bit of gloss, a pretty pink necklace (everything is better with a touch of pink), sprayed a bit of my favorite body mist, put on my favorite bejeweled sandals and headed off to the Open House.  Then I took another look.

photo 1 (18)

I repeated my mantra:

"I will NOT feel how I look today!  I will NOT feel how I look!"

Guess what?  I didn't.  I felt lighter and a bit less down-trodden and I actually felt like I looked better than I did when I first looked at myself this morning.

So, although today I started out feeling rather defeated by my lack of a look I ended up being able to pick myself up with pure strength of will and a bit of mind over matter.


Have you ever had a not so pretty day?  

Were you able to lift yourself out of the funk?  If so, how?

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swanbell by swanbell | Warren, OH
Nov 06, 2013

Good for you! I have those talks with myself all the time :) Your beauty shines from the inside out!