How Your Next Food Photo Can Help Feed a Child

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Sep 08, 2013

If you are the type that reaches for a camera rather than a fork when served up a delicious meal then the new Feedie app is probably right down your alley. People have become as accustomed to ogling over photos of food online as they have oohing and ahhing over cute cat pictures.

Chef Mario Batali and founder of the non-profit The Lunchbox Fund, Topaz Page-Green, have teamed up to create a pretty genius way for amateur foodies to share photos of their meal while feeding those in need at the same time. The way the app works is after you check in at one of the Feedie participating restaurants and share a photo of your food on Twitter or Facebook the restaurant will make a donation to the Lunchbox Fund.

The Lunchbox Fund is a charity based organization that supplies healthy lunches to at-risk school children in South Africa. So far, the Feedie app has 100 participating restaurants with the majority of them in New York City. But Page-Green tells ABC News that the app is expanding and will soon have many more restaurants participating. She says, “What is so wonderful about Feedie is that its not limited by any geographical boundaries.”

It seems restaurants would be eager to participate in this type of charity that also lends great exposure to their dishes. Page-Green explains, “We are feeding children. It's that simple. You take a photo, you feed a child.”

What do you think of the Feedie app?

Does this sound like something you would be willing to try out?

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jhon122 by jhon122 | Boston, IA
Dec 28, 2022

Good post

sguillen50 by sguillen50 | SAN ANTONIO, TX
Oct 08, 2013

This sounds like a fun and tasty way to help others. I'll definitely look into this app because I'm always sharing my meals with others.