How Height Matters in the Workplace

   By drodriguez  Mar 22, 2012

Studies have shown that height can work in someone’s favor when it comes to earning potential, but there are also some issues that can arise when a taller than average employer enters the workplace. A recent Wall Street Journal report discusses the pluses and minuses of being tall in the workforce.

A Northwestern University study finds that taller men and women can make a significant amount more than their colleagues. Author of the study, Nicola Persico, explains what researchers have found in the past. Persico says, “It has been known for a while that taller people earn more. We are talking about roughly 3% higher wages per inch, on average.”

But some would agree that there are drawbacks to being taller than average in the workforce. Members of the “Tall Club of New York City” network with other “Talls” (as they call themselves) and share some of the ways they have managed to make the workplace a more comfortable environment for someone of their size.

The only requirement to be a part of the Tall Club is to be a minimum of 5-foot-10 for women and 6-foot-2 for men. Members often discuss which of the latest chairs and various office accessories work best for Talls.

Tall Club president, Barry Hanold, explains how even though Talls often earn more they also have to spend more in order to live comfortably. Hanold says, "All talls quickly learn that all things cost more, so earning more money is a must. Car size cannot be too small. Airlines always charge more for the extra room. Clothing must be custom-made or –sew.”

What do you think of the idea that those who are taller than average earn more money?

Are you a taller than average woman? What has been your experience with earning potential and on-the-job comfort?

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*Photo Credit/Emily Birl Wall Street Journal*

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ltwhite09 by ltwhite09 | HOUSTON, TX
Mar 23, 2012

I am 5'7'' and I always feel like a overconscientious giant...

zenfulwoman by zenfulwoman | West Babylon, NY
Mar 22, 2012

It is amazing on these studies and I think the reason they tall people probably make more is that you have ot look up to them as silly as that sounds.

seaburn32 by seaburn32 | DuPont, WA
Mar 22, 2012

I found this very interesting. I'm exactly 5 foot and I definitely feel like I'm not taken seriously sometimes in the workplace because of this. I think it's ridiculous that people put such an emphasis on height... Shouldn't it be the persons abilities and character that make a difference, not how tall they are?

sherrybaby by sherrybaby | wilmington, DE
Mar 22, 2012

That is surprising to me. It seems that being average height is best. Being too tall or too short are both socially awkward.