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RSVP for the March Cravebox Twitter Party

on Mar 30, 2012: I just saw this... sad i missed it!

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How Height Matters in the Workplace

on Mar 22, 2012: I found this very interesting. I'm exactly 5 foot and I definitely feel like I'm not taken seriously sometimes in the workplace because of this. I think it's ridiculous that people put such an emphasis on height... Shouldn't it be the persons abilities and character that make a difference, not h…

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Can a Video Game Help Get Your Kid Active?

on Mar 18, 2012: What happened to getting outside and playing games, going for walks/hikes, and bike rides? Seriously, I absolutely hate that kids spend most of their days inside! While I have several game consoles, my family rarely plays them. While video games can play a small role in why kids don't exercise, th…