How Do You Slip Into Seasonal Footwear?

SS Member Image By drodriguez 11.02.11
How Do You Slip Into Seasonal Footwear?

With the cooler weather coming in most of us have already bid adieu to the seasonal summer sandals. Though we may have to do without our sexy slingbacks for a few months, many of the fall and winter shoe fashions are a welcomed change. Our members share some of their favorite everyday footwear for the season that are both cute and comfortable.

Earth Lodge Boots
Members find this boot both stylish and warm for those blustery days. Furry on the inside for slipper-soft comfort and suede on the outside give these boots the look of sheer comfort. Though the price tag is a bit hefty for some to swallow, others are willing to shell out the dough for durability. Member blueeyes1 comments, “I needed a boot for winter that would keep my feet warm and also look stylish. I love my Earth Lodge boots - they keep me warm and snuggly and with the side zipper are easy to get on and off. Great traction keeps me safe when walking. The boots come with Earth's negative heel which makes everyday walking a workout as well. The negative heel allows the wearer to have better posture as well.”

Merrell Encore Chill Stitch
These are more of a clog than a boot, but still have that furry wool lining that make your feet happy. Most members agree, giving the shoe an average 4.89 stars out of 5, that these clogs are all about the comfort. The outsole offers great traction and they are water-resistant for those wet fall and winter days. Member bluefairie raves about the shoe, “I work 14 hour shifts as a nurse and these are the only shoes I will wear! Super comfy, worth the money and they last a long time. I own them in several colors and love all of them!”

Uggs Classic Short
If it seems it wouldn’t be fall without seeing the Uggs come out of the closet, you’re not alone. Many of our members are very satisfied with the warmth and coziness these popular boots provide. Paired with skinny jeans or even a mini-skirt, these boots are versatile, stylish, and super comfy. Member msmommykiss writes, “Uggs have been on the scene for years. I think they are always in style. You can wear them with whatever you want. The industry just caught on a few years ago, but these have always been in my closet. Love them!!”

Tell us about your favorite footwear for fall and winter!

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  • caryn8 By caryn8

    Ok just bought the longer version of this, the peak. So excited

  • planetjf2 By planetjf2

    I try ot keep sandals on as long as possbile. I hate wearing socks !


    I love boots high ones short ones, Motorcycle boots my favorite boots I have are my Shape up skechers boots, I always get people asking where did I buy those cute boots at. Mine are not UGGS but super comfy and cute to boot. *+*

  • watchout By watchout

    i love boots just like house shoes to your feet most of the time :}

  • TDuffield By TDuffield

    I don't own Uggs yet, but now I'm wanting some. I don't mind that they don't look dressy. The furry look makes me think they'd feel like slippers, yet stylish enough to go out in!

  • basilandcatnip By basilandcatnip

    Wet days I love my Sporto duck boots, remind me of playful days as a kid. I'm still on a mission to find a pair of great looking fashion boots with function, that I don't have to baby if it sprinkles and can wear to go out.

  • Lester By Lester

    I love boot brands dont both me as long as they are mid shin and losse enough around the leg so i can fit my jeans in

  • moonlightkissed By moonlightkissed

    I don't care for Uggs. I agree with docmp78. Ugg reminds me of Ugly. I like ankle boots that are black leather for fall.

  • docmp78 By docmp78

    i ve never tried ugg..somehow i feel they r ugly!!! many say they r very comfy,but i think they should look lil' bit more prettier!

  • Ghstwrting By Ghstwrting

    I pull out my uggs as well from my overloaded shoe closet. They are so comfy and snuggly you can't wait to slip into them!

  • devinkal By devinkal

    For some reason any boots with fuzz make me happy and put me in a great mood as it gets cooler outside. Slipping on fuzzy boots feels so warm and comfortable leaving me with a smile all day.

  • TMyers By TMyers

    I love Uggs and These are cuter then I've seen in a while...Love comfy and Warm boots during cold weather..if Toes are Happy the rest of me is happy too

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