Have a Spare Room For Rent? Give "Speed Roommating" a Try

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Jan 11, 2013

Choosing a compatible roommate can prove to be an all-important decision that one should never take lightly, after all this is the person you will be sharing a kitchen, sofa, and a number of other personal things with for a long period of time. When you don’t already have a compatible friend willing to share a space with you, many turn to Craigslist and conduct interviews with random strangers looking to cohabitate.

But what if there was a one-stop shop where you can meet all of your potential roomies before making your final decision? You’ve probably heard of speed dating where potential suitors get 5 minutes to converse and try to vibe before moving on to the next person. “Speed roommating” is now becoming a popular event, especially in New York City where pretty much everyone is in need of a roommate, that allows people to sit down with a number of potential roommates to discuss all of the important living issues like smoking preferences, cleanliness, waking hours, and financial situations that make it possible for two people to live in harmony.

ABC News reported about the growing trend a few months ago when they highlighted the website Spareroom.com that hosts the speed roommating events. Their very first event took place in London and had a turnout of nearly 11,000 people. Spareroom.com’s director Matt Hutchinson has seen firsthand how helpful speed roommating can be for people searching for that perfect housemate. Hutchinson says, “We’ve had people turn up from Australia, off the flight at Heathrow, straight to the event, suitcase piled high in the corner just needing some place to live. It’s the first stop for some people.”

What do you think of the growing trend of “speed roommating”?

Do you think this type of event would be a good way to find a compatible roommate?

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RD_Sharingdelights by RD_Sharingdelights | Yauco, OU
Jan 17, 2013

Not a good idea, you need more time to interview and evaluate the person and in 5 minutes is impossible. Cmon a background check is needed in these days..

cocoabella by cocoabella | EL PASO, TX
Jan 11, 2013

I don't think speed roomating is a good idea. It is hard enough to cohabitate with someone you 'think' you know very well. Once you move in with someone, you really learn what that person is like, bad habits come to light.. Roomating with a best friend is a great way to ruin a friendship. lol You need to take longer than 5 minutes coming to know a person you plan to live with.