Gwyneth Paltrow In Hot Water Once Again Over Irresponsible Medical Advice

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Oct 29, 2015

If you were thinking it’s been far too many days, weeks or months since we’ve heard news of a ridiculous nature coming from Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle blog known as Goop, then sit back and enjoy the latest controversy. The actress is currently being called out for an article published on Goop warning women that wearing a bra can increase your risk of getting breast cancer. Critics were quick to point out that these claims are merely a myth and there is no credible evidence showing that it is true.

CBS News reports abot the article written by Dr. Habib Sadeghi and published on Goop that states bras can restrict the lymph nodes around the breast causing toxins to build up which can lead to breast cancer. Dr. Sadeghi writes, “Among those who acknowledge the bra/breast cancer risk connection, it's widely held that a tight-fitting bra restricts the lymph nodes around the breast and underarm area, preventing toxins from being processed through them and flushed out of the body. Accumulated toxins anywhere in the body increase the risk for cancer.”

It may sound like credible advice, bt the American Cancer Society (ACS) and many other major medical organizations claim this information is false. The ACS has publicly stated, “We do not know of any epidemiologic studies published in scientific journals that suggest bras directly contribute to breast cancer risk or that lymphatic compression by bras might cause breast cancer,"

One reason the breast cancer/bra myth may have begun was from a 1991 Harvard study that looked at the health of women who wear bras and those who don’t. But it was later concluded that most women who don’t wear bras regularly are leaner having a smaller frame and it could be this factor alone that reduces their risk of breast cancer. Being overweight and getting little exercise is a known risk factor of breast cancer. Medical Director of the Cancer Prevention Center at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Dr. Therese Bevers explains, “Conversely, a woman who is overweight or obese is much more likely to have larger breasts that are heavy and she needs the support of a bra. But it's not the bra that's increasing her risk of breast cancer, it's the weight.”

Spreading misinformation about the link between bras and breast cancer may not seem like that big of a deal, but experts worry what these types of articles can do to the psyche of breast cancer survivors who may blame themselves for their diagnosis. Bevers says, “I would never want a woman to feel guilty because she has worn bras because again, there is no research we can reliably depend on linking the wearing of bras and breast cancer.”

What do you think of the latest controversy generated by Gwyneth Paltrow’s blog?

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peacefulstill by peacefulstill | Durham, NC
Oct 29, 2015

I wish people would look for actual studies and replicated experiments before they spread so called scientific information. Celebrities have to be more careful than most as they often have a great deal of influence over people.