Girl Scouts 2.0

   By drodriguez  Nov 01, 2011

What could be better than Girl Scout Cookies? While Samoas are delicious, peaking a girl’s interest in the tech industry is definitely healthier and more satisfying in the long run. A recent report from NPR discusses some of the new badges in the Girl Scout’s Innovation series that offer girls a lot more choices.

Girl Scouts can still attain some of the long-standing badges like the Cook, Naturalist, or Athlete. But there are now some newer options like Website Designer, Digital Movie Maker, Money Manager, Budgeter, Geocacher, and Product Designer (just to name a few) in the mix that are sure to interest many of their young members. Brownies have also gotten involved with a Computer Expert badge for 6 – 9 year olds.

Some of the more outdated sounding badges like the Fashion, Fitness and Makeup badge have been tweaked to fit the interests of the young women of today. Though many girls are still interested in things like makeup and fashion, Girl Scouts are taking it to the next level with The Science of Style Badge that encourages girls to do things like create their own fragrance or study the chemistry of sunscreen.

The new badges, that were designed after consulting girls involved in the Girl Scouts program, will hopefully encourage members to get more involved in the tech industry where more women are needed. A recent SheSpeaks report reveals the findings that women currently make up less than 25% of the work force in the area of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).

What do you think of the new Girl Scout badges?

Do you think the new badges will encourage girls to get more involved in the areas of STEM?

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basilandcatnip by basilandcatnip | GARLAND, TX
Nov 02, 2011

When I was in scouts the badges motivated me. Drawback, it was tough finding adults to help oversee getting the badges. I'd pour through the book like a kid looking to see what I could accomplish but not enough volunteers to help out. I'm glad to see new badges added, young girls need to be well rounded. Also maybe accomplishing one in one area might lead them to try another badge/set of skills in an area they might not have been so willing to try before.

libby1260 by libby1260 | FRANKFORT, KY
Nov 01, 2011

I think it's great and any encouragement is good

Eper29 by Eper29 | HOWELL, MI
Nov 01, 2011

I am a Brownie leader and most of my troop is in their second year of Brownies. The troop decided to stick with the "old" badges, which include many math and science based badges, not just fashion and makeup. The new badges are fine, but incorporating ideas not just found in the badge book add to the total girl scout experience. It is important to incorporate technology into the program as it it such an integral part of our daily lives, but without all children having a computer available to them does make it difficult to structure meetings around these subjects.