Getting Paid To Lose Weight

   By drodriguez  Jan 05, 2010

There are many reasons why people want to shed extra pounds; they want to live a healthier lifestyle, participate in more rigorous activities, boost their self-confidence, etc.  For some, the idea of getting paid to lose weight is the biggest motivator of all.  In the recent past we have heard reports of companies offering their employees incentives like gift cards and cruises if they lost some weight with the idea that in the long run the company will save on health costs if they have a healthier staff.  But, what if a complete stranger offered you cash?

A new independently run website that makes money on advertising and sponsorships,, is offering people the chance to sign up for a weight loss challenge with the promise of putting cash in their hands should they succeed in their goals to shed the pounds.  The website relies on corporate sponsors to provide the cash rewards to obese members who succeed in the challenge. 

So far, some 5,000 people have signed up for the challenge through the site.  Members have the choice of either signing up for free and receiving a $100 cash prize if they succeed or putting down a maximum of $300 from their own pockets for a chance to win a higher stakes prize of $1000.  Since people who enter the program must be in the obese range, most of them will have to lose somewhere between 30 and 80 pounds in a 12-month period. 

A recent article from Time magazine featured the website and interviewed one of the participants in the challenge.  Welmoed Sisson, who weighs over 200 pounds, must lose 50 pounds in 12 months to fall into a healthier range and receive her cash prize.  Sisson says, "Sure I’d like to look and feel better, but it is so subjective.  Money is a better motivator because it is so tangible.  You can hold it in your hand."

What do you think of the new website that offers cash prizes for losing weight?

Do you think cash is a good motivator for people to lose the weight?

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kathy3667 by kathy3667 | Willoughby, OH
May 07, 2010

Anyone trying to eat healthy and lose weight should be rewarded. Their reward is in a longer, healthier life. This incentive might get people started. I'm willing!

Adrienne331 by Adrienne331 | Summerville, SC
Mar 21, 2010

I have watch television shows where people is losing weight in front of millions and what do they gain except weight loss? Money? 15 of Fame? I agree with this method because I would do it to me it is a great motivator to get me moving to lose weight I may not do sooner rather then waiting later. My goal would be to win not only money but at weight loss and to me both are a bonus.

girl17 by girl17 | EAGAN, MN
Mar 10, 2010

My work is going to be doing something similar only not online. My coworkers and I are each putting in $20 a week and whoever loses the most (percentage) for that week will get the money. It's a motivation for all of us to lose weight. Even if you don't win the money you will still win by being healthier!

eldapc11 by eldapc11 | SANTA ANA, CA
Feb 07, 2010

I think this a good idea. Most people want to loose weight anyway, why not get paid for doing so.

sisikat by sisikat | La Crescenta, CA
Feb 02, 2010

OMG this is great I think. My boyfriend has recently lost 50 pounds. He simply did it for his own health. But he want to loose another 50. I think he can do it. But why not make some money for doing it too!!! I think its a great extra insentive.

taraware by taraware | WINCHESTER, KY
Jan 28, 2010

Losing weight is something that I do for myself already. A cash bonus would be just that, a bonus, not a motivator.

NMancini by NMancini | Katy, TX
Jan 27, 2010

I think it is a great idea. I would not be willing to put my own money into it, but to sign up for free, and try to lose the weight I am already trying to lose anyway, with the possibility of an extra $100 when I reach my goal...why not? It would feel great to spend that hard earned money on clothes in my new, smaller size.

2beckie by 2beckie | La Plata, MO
Jan 27, 2010

I think that money is a great motivator, however you also have to have the mentality that it is also for a healthier lifestyle. Motivation and determination have to work together. I have a friend who after giving up smoking for a healthier lifestyle, gained 40 pounds. She became reclusive and depressed. After seeing an infomercial for the million dollar body she began excercising and using their weightloss products. Her results were fabulous. You see her motivation was a chance to win $250,000.00. Her weight kept melting off and she won $1000. Her body kept getting toned and then came a $10,000.00 win. She made it to the finals in Vegas and all her hard worked paid off. She won the $250,000.00. She is now a personal trainer in Arizona and a coach for the million dollar body and p90x. That truly is motivational!!!!!

fidelina01 by fidelina01 | las vegas , NV
Jan 27, 2010

yes i would love to do this .... such a great idea $$

yoshimi4free by yoshimi4free | humble, TX
Jan 27, 2010

good idea! many people have it in their head that they need to lose weight, and once they start they don't always follow through. so money would definitely motivate me...... i mean, it would work more-so than without the money.

laidoff by laidoff | Evergreen Park, IL
Jan 22, 2010

I think CASH is a great motivator for losing weight....I'm in a contest now with my sister-in-laws and the pot is at $500.00, we each put in $50.00 bucks and weigh in and we have until 4/1/10 to lose the weight.

thethriftygeek by thethriftygeek | MT WASHINGTON, KY
Jan 22, 2010

This is a great idea. I am going to have to check it out because I am in the process of losing weight and what a better incentive to add to the goal. Thanks!

Ambiguoussage by Ambiguoussage | Brooklyn, NY
Jan 22, 2010

AHHHHHHH!!! So not fair! I lost 40 lbs! I mean I lost the weight due to me switching to a healthier lifestyle, but getting paid for it would have been nice!

Betsy472 by Betsy472 | OKLAHOMA CITY, OK
Jan 21, 2010

Are they going to be able to keep it off. I always thought if you don't do it for yourself you are setting yourself up for failure..It is a great idea though..

mooneykell by mooneykell | WARTRACE, TN
Jan 20, 2010

Sure! I'd lose weight for money!