Getting Paid To Lose Weight

   By drodriguez  Jan 05, 2010

There are many reasons why people want to shed extra pounds; they want to live a healthier lifestyle, participate in more rigorous activities, boost their self-confidence, etc.  For some, the idea of getting paid to lose weight is the biggest motivator of all.  In the recent past we have heard reports of companies offering their employees incentives like gift cards and cruises if they lost some weight with the idea that in the long run the company will save on health costs if they have a healthier staff.  But, what if a complete stranger offered you cash?

A new independently run website that makes money on advertising and sponsorships,, is offering people the chance to sign up for a weight loss challenge with the promise of putting cash in their hands should they succeed in their goals to shed the pounds.  The website relies on corporate sponsors to provide the cash rewards to obese members who succeed in the challenge. 

So far, some 5,000 people have signed up for the challenge through the site.  Members have the choice of either signing up for free and receiving a $100 cash prize if they succeed or putting down a maximum of $300 from their own pockets for a chance to win a higher stakes prize of $1000.  Since people who enter the program must be in the obese range, most of them will have to lose somewhere between 30 and 80 pounds in a 12-month period. 

A recent article from Time magazine featured the website and interviewed one of the participants in the challenge.  Welmoed Sisson, who weighs over 200 pounds, must lose 50 pounds in 12 months to fall into a healthier range and receive her cash prize.  Sisson says, "Sure I’d like to look and feel better, but it is so subjective.  Money is a better motivator because it is so tangible.  You can hold it in your hand."

What do you think of the new website that offers cash prizes for losing weight?

Do you think cash is a good motivator for people to lose the weight?

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MarieVonLove by MarieVonLove | BROOKLYN, NY
Jan 06, 2010

Money shouldn't motivate people to lose weight. You want to lose weight so you can be healthy, not for a quick buck.

beeacutie2 by beeacutie2 | JAY, OK
Jan 06, 2010

I think it depends on if people on really really weight for a real reason or not. I mean come on some people will not do it for a real reason. I would do it, but I would also do it for the real reason.

deedee1960 by deedee1960 | Woodbine, GA
Jan 05, 2010

It can be could! But would rather see some of these companies for weight loss donate their food, equipment, or whatever else they sell to help some of these people! Having Help to win the cash would be a better way to go in my book! And the companies would have free advertisments from the people who actually lost the weight!

summitqwestcomp by summitqwestcomp | Cincinnati, OH
Jan 05, 2010

I think this is a great idea also. Money, especially with this current economy, can be a great motivator for those who are trying to really lose weight.

kinkihair by kinkihair | PHILADELPHIA, PA
Jan 05, 2010

I'd do it in a heartbeat. Money talks. Look at the show The Biggest Loser. Yeah those folks want to lose the weight, but they also want that big prize at the end.

Monaloves by Monaloves | Mesquite, TX
Jan 05, 2010

Money is a great motivator! In this economy, we are already starving ourselves thin against our will, why not be paid for it. It sounds harsh but its true. Times are getting really hard and it would be nice to be paid to lose weight you already want to lose!

Michelle197561 by Michelle197561 | Weidman, MI
Jan 05, 2010

I think it is a great idea. If it really works, then that would be at least a start for obese people to have a good motivator and when and if they reach their goal they might be more inclined to keep it off. Losing weight can be a very difficult task. Money motivates a lot of people.

MadHatter by MadHatter | Whitestone , NY
Jan 05, 2010

when the economy turns to the dumps, people right now would probably sign up for almost anything just to get a little bit of cash in their pockets. Cash is a huge motivator to SOME people, not going to generalize and say all people. However if you feel you are doing it out of greed instead of a better living/lifestyle, then i dont see the purpose of this. you need to enjoy and love working out in order to also heal/cleanse the body of impurities. Money would probably be the last resort for me LOL.

basilandcatnip by basilandcatnip | GARLAND, TX
Jan 05, 2010

Interesting. Reminds me of the prime time tv news show a year or 2 back that did an experiment it gave people that signed up a specified time to lose the weight, if they didn't their "fat" pictures and information would be revealed. I'm game. But I'd prefer to do it for myself first. This would be an added bonus, icing.