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Bringing Up Babies In Bars

on May 21, 2010: Ummm what about the fact that the parent is drinking while caring for their child. If you have a drink or two you aren't supposed to operate a vehicle, but you can push a stroller? It doesn't sit right with me. Be sides, there's a 21 and over rule in most bars. How old can the kid get away with…

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How to Serve Wine Like a Pro

on May 21, 2010: Great info. I've been getting into wines quite a bit. I have not been decanting, however after reading this article I will definitely go pick an elegant decanter up. Thanks!

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Will Taxing Soda And Pizza Solve The Obesity Epidemic?

on Apr 24, 2010: Oh please. They just know they are guaranteed revenue from this because people will not cease to purchase these items. This is insulting. Why don't we improve school menus and put a bit more emphasis on the individual roles we have on our own lifestyles.