Get the Right Gift: For Hostess and Teachers

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Nov 08, 2012

With so many reasons to celebrate at this time of year, now is a great time to start planning a small supply of gifts that can be used for a party hostess, teacher or co-worker.  These gifts are usually much more about a little practical something that's a little unique and in beautiful packaging.

It's always the little thoughtful gifts that seem so hard to get right.  That's why we've pulled together our favorites to give you a great place to start.  As always we know our members have fabulous ideas that are creative, thrifty and unique and we'd love to hear about your favorite finds for the perfect gift this year.


Unique and hip designer gifts:

One of our favorite places to start shopping is the always-fresh, they have listed gifts in helpful categories such as food lovers, gifts under $25 and gifts and best of all everything is sold at a discount.

Here are 3 fun ideas: 

Beautiful Briny Sea Friends Pack  by Beautiful Briny Sea  $23 

Heron & Lamb Terrarium Necklace by Heron & Lamb $33 

Roaring Brook Dairy Cheese Kit  by Roaring Brook Dairy  $15



Make Your Own Manicure Gift Set

A simple box, basket or make-up purse all make a great holder for this gift, then fill with some fluffy cotton balls.  Then fill it with a selection of the latest colors and tools for a manicure.  By picking out cute nail lacquer colors and colorful nail files and finishes you can make this gift look cool colorful and very unique.  Add some sparkle with glitter or sparkled confetti and a bow and you have a very inexpensive personalized gift that anyone can enjoy!


Selecting Chocolate Gifts the right way:

Giving someone a box of chocolates can sound like such a cliche sometimes but most people just love to receive chocolates, so don't over think it!  But to get this gift just right be sure to select the right kind of chocolate.  Here's a quick guide and some simple ideas on types of chocolate gifts to buy

Home Made Gourmet basket Coffee, Cookies, Cheese

A friend of mine turned me on to a few tricks and tips that can help you turn a few simple, carefully selected ingredients into a terrific looking gift.   Firstly, cookies. If you bake your own cookies find a beautiful box and pack it with tissue or individual liners and a beautiful bow will dial this gift up to the level of any gourmet.  Add a handwritten card or label with ingredients and a cute name card and attach to complete this look.  Another cute twist to gift cookies is to layer the ingredients carefully in a mason jar and add a recipe and ingredient label with a pretty bow to make this easy to make ahead and store and super portable if you are travelling and toting gifts with you.

For coffee you can group a playful or stylish mug or coaster with gourmet beans and some interesting coffee flavors of syrups such as Torani's Ameretto, Banana's Foster or Brown Sugar Cinnamon, yum!

For a gourmet cheese gift, you can select a range of 4-6 cheeses adn don't be afraid to let the person at your cheese counter help with selections. By simply wrapping each cheese loosely in parchment paper tying with hemp and slipping a herb such as thyme or even a sprig of pine under each parcel, this gift takes on an artisan feel.  You could dial up the gift by pairing it with wine, a bunch of grapes, crackers or an interesting cheese knife.

Make your own holiday wreath

For those who are willing to put some time into creating a great personal gift, try this great looking Pearl Wreath by Cortney from the  She has included a step by step guide to making this terrific wreath, if you give it a try don't forget to share a picture of your creation.


Good luck with your gift shopping and don't forget to share your tips and great finds and help make this season's festivities a little more fun for us all!  We can't wait to hear your ideas.

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traciearhelger1 by traciearhelger1 | MC CORMICK, SC
Nov 09, 2012

I am a baker/ Cake Artist and I love to give gifts all year long. One of my favorite gifts is taking a large canning jar, and layering ing. from a cookie recipe into the jar, attaching a mixing spoon with the recipe. Then all I do is add some fabric to the top and there is a gift in a jar:)

tracy2u by tracy2u | Yorba Linda, CA
Nov 08, 2012

As a teacher, the best gifts I get are gift cards and quite frankly, cash. Many times, during the holidays when cash is tight, I will use a gift card to buy someone else a gift. I work in a private school and am amazed at the gifts I receive. Most families are very generous! The ones who are not able to give more generously give gifts from the heart. I've gotten handmade jewelry, baked goods, holiday items. It all means a lot when you are thought of!

ElenaB by ElenaB | RESEDA, CA
Nov 08, 2012

i've seen the salts on They look so good. I can't wait to buy some!

stuck108 by stuck108 | Westerly, RI
Nov 08, 2012

Chocolate is a great gift for coworkers. team members, teachers. I always find people to give chocolate

jewls_her by jewls_her | Schofield, WI
Nov 08, 2012

I love giving my children's teachers and bus drivers chocolates. Thanks for the tips.

tara19652006 by tara19652006 | ALBUQUERQUE, NM
Nov 08, 2012

I like giving teachers hot chocolate

mnmguess by mnmguess | TOLEDO, OH
Nov 08, 2012

Thanks for all the great tips!!!