French Father's Moving Explanation to His Young Son About How To Move On After Terror

   By drodriguez  Nov 19, 2015

As the world still reels from the terror and atrocities that took place in Paris, it is one father’s explanation to his son in the aftermath of terror that has us feeling a little comfort today. An interviewer at one of the memorial sites in Paris was able to capture one father’s unique and uplifting way of assuring his worried son that they would be persevere and be safe.

The Irish Examiner reports abot French Father Angel Le and son Brandon’s visit to one of the memorial sites near the Bataclan Theatre in Paris and the video that has since gone viral. While paying respect at the site, the father and son were stopped by an interviewer while Brandon described how “the bad guys were not very nice” and his family would have to move out of their house now.

The father then reassures his son that they will stay in France because that is their home. And when Brandon protests that the bad guys have guns and can shoot them, the father does the most amazing thing. He points out the many candles and flowers people are placing at the memorial site and gently says, “It’s ok, they might have guns but we have flowers.” After they go back and forth a few times the father is able to convince his son that the flowers are there to protect them and the son seems contented in the end smiling at his dad.


It’s easy to forget in times like these, that our kids are dealing with the same kind of fear and confusion that we are. Hopefully, this video will come as a source of comfort for many of the parents out there unsure of how to talk to their young children about what happened in Paris.

What do you think of this father’s interaction with his son?

How do you answer your children’s questions about terrible events like this?


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