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   By CarolinaMama  Oct 03, 2011

Macy's. Macy's launched the Macy's iShop APP. This APP lets you shop right from your phone. This cuts down your shop time.  And impulse shopping. :)
"Our favorite store now fits in your pocket! Macy’s iShop puts our entire online store right on your iPhone or iPod touch, so you can shop whenever (and wherever) you want! Plus, you can find stores near you, get calendars of in-store events and find money-savings offers for use online, on your iPhone or in our stores!"

ebay has taken it to the Digital Age with their eBay Fashion APP.  This wildly popular APP is revolutionizing shopping for all fashionistas. See the eBay YouTube Demo Video here.. eBay has all the shopping Tips you need even Couples MakeOvers and more right on the APP.  It's all FREE.

ShopStyle.  Shop Style is another awesome FREE APP.  This one compares hundreds of brands, styles and prices to get the best deal and lowest pricing for you.  Who doesn't need a Personal Shopper built into their iPhone. The possibilities are endless.

Have you considered Fashion APPS to help you swing into Fall Fashion gracefully?  What are your favorites?

*Malise an ebay Fashion App fan and an eBay Parent Panelist.  All opinions are her own.

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Bryelee by Bryelee | Dover, DE
Oct 04, 2011

I have never bought clothes online either since sizes change from store to store I like to look at the item to decided fit.

Bearyunique by Bearyunique | Southington, OH
Oct 03, 2011

I never tried buying clothes online. I'm nervous they will not fit and paying shipping and handling twice. I like trying on my clothes before I buy. But I do like to browse through ebay fashions and other clothing websites.