FDA Warns Teens About the "Real Costs" of Smoking

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Feb 16, 2014

Parents can warn their teens about bullies, but there’s one bully the FDA is willing to bet we haven’t thought of telling our kids about. Becoming addicted to nicotine comes with a lot of compromises to your health, your wallet and even the time we spend with our friends. A new and clever ad campaign features a dirty looking bully with long greasy hair bullying kids into forking over their money and forcing them to step outside against their will all in the name of nicotine.

It is later revealed in the ad that the bully is actually a cigarette as he dives in between a young man’s fingers and demands that he “pucker up”. The Los Angeles Times reports about the FDA campaign that sends the message about the “Real Costs” of smoking and how it can make you a slave to the habit.

The ad marks the FDA’s first attempt at an anti-smoking message and this particular campaign is aimed at kids who have not yet begun smoking but will soon face temptation from peers. FDA commissioner Dr. Margaret Hamburg explains, “This campaign is about trying to reach those kids who are on the cusp of smoking. If, through this educational campaign, we can help kids make really important, informed choices not to smoke, that will matter for the rest of their lives.”

Though we have all heard about the many health risks that come with smoking cigarettes, kids often have a hard time taking these seriously at such a young age. The “Real Costs” ads (with the tag line “Cigarettes are bullies. Don’t let tobacco control you.") are attempting to show kids the immediate dangers of smoking, like giving up your time and money for the habit.

What do you think of the FDA’s new ad campaign targeted at kids who may be tempted to smoke cigarettes?

Do you think the ad’s message is strong enough to deter kids from smoking?


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