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  • Author image By brejgeiselman80
    04.23.16   Edit

    This is really amazing. I kept reading the recipe over and over and thinking that it wouldn't work but when I actually worked up the courage to make this I was really surprised. My daughter thought it was pretty cool also.

  • Author image By makeupaficionado22
    04.09.15   Edit

    This reminds me of my husband. I tried telling him that there's absolutely no way to make halwa without using semolina or graham flour, dry milk, or nuts of some sort. He told me "just wait and watch...." And he whipped me up something quite similar to this, minus the added cinnamon which I'll keep in mind in the future. Its so simple and if you have nothing else on hand this is honestly such a breeze. Thanks for the nostalgia!

  • Author image By ammsan
    07.16.14   Edit

    This is a new one. I am definitely going to try this today. Thanks for sharing!!

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