Dishing On Blind Date Disasters

   By drodriguez  Aug 24, 2011

Most of us are familiar with awkward first dates, and if you’ve ever been set up on a blind date you are probably well aware of just how nerve-wracking and disastrous this type of arrangement can sometimes be. A recent SheSpeaks poll finds that many of our members have bitten the blind date bullet and agreed to be set up with someone they have never met before.

While 36% admit to having gone on a blind date, around 37% have not, and 26% have the good sense to never even consider it in the realm of possibility.

Okay…maybe blind dates are not all that bad, after all member HazelCCobb has a blind date success story. She writes, “I met my husband relatively young, but if I were older and had the opportunity to go on a blind date, I would try it out. My sister met her husband on a blind date and they're still happily married after 20 years.”

But for the rest of us who carry an arsenal of disaster first date stories to tell as anecdotes at parties, a recent article from the Daily Mail reports about a new place we can go to share these juicy nuggets with anyone who will listen.

Columnist Rhodri Marsden recently took to his Twitter account to relay a story about an awful and boring first date he had once been on. His account was soon inundated with hundreds of his Twitter followers tweeting about their painful first-date stories.

Marsden eventually had to set up a Twitter page called First Date Hell and a website called CrapDate for others to share their stories- like one woman who confesses to showing up at her blind date’s house to find him wearing a dressing gown and an electronic monitoring device.

Have you ever been set up on a blind date?

Share your blind date disaster (or success!) stories here!

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princesskip by princesskip | Statesville, NC
Aug 24, 2011

My best friend set me up with her cousin that she hadn't seen in years. He called to ask me out and started telling me about himself. I was 18 and pretty gullible. He told me he was 6 feet tall with dark hair and blue eyes and that he liked to work out. She remembered him being cute and said this was probably true. My mom answered the door when he came to pick me up. She came back to my room and told me not to be too disappointed and to be nice to him. He was about 5'5" with sandy brown hair and a slightly chubby. I went on our one and only date......together. A few years later, I had a boyfriend who fit the fake description. He had started a new job and decided that we should double date with a guy he had met at work. The blind date and I just laughed about it and ended up going on several double dates!

didama by didama | MAPLEWOOD, NJ
Aug 24, 2011

I never had the pleasure of experiencing a blind date. Looks like I didn't miss out!

lauralee by lauralee | NEW YORK, NY
Aug 24, 2011

My two favorites are the blind date who knew his apartment was his best asset (rambling Upper West Side prewar place with entrance hall large enough to rollerblade in, butler's pantry, and real art on the walls) and had the elevator man let me in since he wasn't home yet (yes, he let a stranger into his apartment unattended) and the Narc who blew off our first date due to a stakeout and then spent the rescheduled one talking about his ex. Strangely, both were set ups from one of my besties!