Check Out the Results From Our Latest Community Survey

SS Member Image By madisonscarcella 03.10.21
Check Out the Results From Our Latest Community Survey
In our most recent SheSpeaks Member Community Survey, we asked about the top emotions you're feeling,  the COVID-19 vaccine, your interest in virtual events, and your favorite online communities. Your feedback is so valuable to us, as it helps us understand the wants and needs of our community, and plan future events for all of you.

Thank you for your participation, and keep an eye on your inbox for our next survey! Here are the headlines from the most recent survey 

The positive emotions are increasing! Compared to a survey fielded in January 2021, Hopeful remained at #1, Grateful moved to #2 emotion while Uncertain dropped to #3.

Cooking classes had the most interest (56%), followed by Self-improvement (44%), Book club (40%) and Beauty demonstration (38%). Stay tuned for more live events with SheSpeaks! 
Clubhouse is pretty new! If you'd like an invite to join the app, send an email to

What things in your life do you want to improve? What type of virtual events would you like to see SheSpeaks host? Are you feeling hopeful about 2021? Tell us in the comments. 

The Community Survey was fielded online between February 24 - March 2, 2021, and 1,128 women from the SheSpeaks community responded.

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  • vspeaks By vspeaks

    I also expected more women to be concerned with getting the COVID vaccine.

  • JPAL7573 By JPAL7573

    im over virtual live events. i want to go somewhere in person

  • spud676 By spud676

    I would like to actually save money. I am feeling hopeful for a better year than 2020.

  • indiana_girl By indiana_girl

    I want to read more and I would love to see more book offerings.  I want to really declutter my home - got to make more time - just doesn't seem to be enough time in the day.

    I really don't like virtual events but I might attend if was with a book author. I can't get the hang of Twitter parties.  

    I am feeling really hopeful about 2021 and it is passing by so quickly.  I have started some self-improvement efforts already. Trying to be positive! I have started crafting again like Cross-stitch.  We have a weekly crafting day on Tuesdays at my Arkansas American Legion post 52 which is open to anyone who wants to work on their craft, etc from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Don't have to be a member.  We have a good time.

  • Pegasus72 By Pegasus72

    I would love to see more book club offerings. One that I really enjoy with my bleeding disorder group is Paint parties. There are painting supplies sent to us and we all meet and paint and talk, its great. 

    Things I would like to improve in my life is my health. Even though I am relativly healthy I have many health issues which have disabled me from doing many things. I want to improve the things I can change. 

    I am feeling hopeful for 2021 as we are going to make the leap and buy our forever home. It has taken lots of time to save up for this, and we feel the time has come to jump on it while we can.

  • plong22 By plong22

    I'm up there with not really knowing about Clubhouse (and not caring)

  • vspeaks By vspeaks

    Surprised the planning to get Covid vaccine percent is not higher.

  • gakusan By gakusan

    I wish I could organize and fix my house easily - getting older doesn't give me more strength and energy.
    Easy DIY stuff for organization around kitchen, bathroom and garage would be helpful.
    I'm a little bit hopeful about 2021 - hopefully we won't see any surge of virus any more.

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