Cheerios Multigrain

Cheerios Multigrain

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These are really good and I feel great about eating a whole grain. They are not really hard like most whole grain cereals. They make a great snack without milk.

Delicious and Nutritious! These are a delicious middle ground between plain Cheerios and the sickly sweet Honey Nut Cheerios. It has enough of a sweetness to satisfy my sweet teeth (plural) without the feeling that I'm just eating straight sugar.

nice twist on regular Cheerios This is a wholesome cereal and sweetened just enough to taste good. A nice alternative to regular cheerios.

Just a touch of sweetness! This is a great cereal that is not one of those super sugary tasting. It has the perfect amount of flavor & sweetness. Slightly more healthy than most. Can never go wrong with cheerios.

28 year fan For 28 years I have purchased Multigrain Cheerios for my family. This is my son's favorite cereal too! I love that it is only mildly sweetened, heart healthy and provides dietary fiber. It is a great finger food for little snackers.

Great for On-The-Go I love the Multigrain Cheerios. They're my favorites of all the Cheerio boxes. Usually I try to stick to something with more protein, but this is great for on-the-go.

Hearty, nutritious, tasty Such a healthful cereal made by a reputable company. I love mixing this with some sugary cereal (makes me feel better about eating the less healthy one). Hearty taste and delectable

Love This Cereal Our all-time favorite cereal. We eat at least a box a week. Sometimes more! It's sweet without being overly sugary. Perfect!

Cheerios with variety Multi-Grain Cheerios are tasty and fun, especially if you enjoy a little bit of variety. They are delicious! Also, when my boys were little, they enjoyed sorting them by color, so they are even educational!

Cheerios Multigrain are good. I prefer honey nut, but these are healthier.

i love these cheerios. so good. when i want a snack cereal is my thing and this one is my favorite.

Healthy Breakfast Cheerios Multigrain is an easy way to eat healthier for breakfast. It has 5 whole grains included and only 110 calories per serving. Super yummy also!!

My favorite Cheerios on the shelf! I enjoy that they are healthy, but still slightly sweet. Perfect for someone who doesn't like the overly sweet cereals that are out there.

So good My 4 year old loves Multigrain cheerios! I love that they are healthier than many other cereals with just a touch of sweet.

Love this variety of Cheerios Plain Cheerios are good, don't get me wrong, but I actually prefer the taste of the multigrain Cheerios. There's a fairly slight difference in taste from regular Cheerios and to me, the multigrain Cheerios taste a tiny bit sweeter (maybe because of the different grains used, I don't know). These aren't filled with sugar, however, so I'd sooner buy these than many other cereals with 13 grams of sugar per serving.