Cheerios Multigrain

Cheerios Multigrain

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Not animal friendly! Cheerios may appear animal friendly but they are not. Unfortunately, the whole grain oats, sugar, and vitamin D3 that are used in the cereal have likely been bleached and processed with animal bones or derived from animal sources. D3 comes from lanolin, yes the stuff from sheep glands used in cosmetics, and that?s not animal friendly. Gross.

For some reason this flavor of Cheerios is not as good as the original or the Honey Nut varities.

Just lk. I like honey nut bEtter.


I don't like plain cheerios but this one is super tasty and healthier.

Dont really like the flavor

We love cheerios in our house and the multi-grain has been a hit!

Good tasting cereal, but a little salty tasting.

The taste in my opinion is alright. Not to sweet but, I know its good for me and my family.

This is a nice basic cereal. I like it with banana slices. I think my favorite is still the original. This one might be a tad too sweet for my taste overall. Still, this is a good basic cereal that isn't overall sweet and is one that both kids and adults can eat.

it is a really tasty cereal but has a little too much sugar in it.

love this couldnt live with out it!

These are my favorite cheerios. I like them even better than the original. Much more flavorful.

Ok, not overly sweet, just the right amount of grain & sweet balance

I enjoy Cheerios Multi-gran cereal. Honestly, you would never know that it is multigrain. This cereal tastes amazing and has some healthy qualities, too