Cheerios Multigrain

Cheerios Multigrain

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Love the new multigrain Cheerios - able to get both my husband and son to each cheerios now - lightly sweetened and high in vitamins and minerals.

Another family favorite - healthy and tasty. Nice combination of grains. We eat this and Honey Nut cheerios.

I love these multigrain cheerios! They are so tasty and are my favorite cheerio along with honey nut cheerios.

Love the multigrain cheerio- my son suprisingly enjoys them as well.

I enjoy these with fruit and yogurt, instead of granola. I really like them and I know they don't have near as much sugar as granola does.

I am on Jenny Craig (and make alot of my own food instead of buying) and have lost 25 lbs. I have the Multigrain Cheerios for breakfast with fresh blueberries every morning. Taste great, low calories and gets me started for the day.

I love everything about Multi-grain Cheerios! When I first tried them I expected them to taste very bland, but was surprised that they have slight sweetness. This cereal has quickly become a family favorite!


I love these and so do my kids. These are a great snack item for school!

My family eats these like crazy. We always at Honey Nut Cheerios but when these came along I switched and no one knew the difference! i love them.

Love me some multigrain that actually tastes good. I feels good to feed my kids something that they like and thats good for them. It is priced well at our local market.

One of my favorite cereals! Love the nuttiness without all the added sugar. Great start to the day!

i really like this cereal and so do my kids. my 16 mo old is a very picky eater and when i cant get her to eat anything i give her this and i know she will gobble it up.

Everyone in our house loves this cereal! My 22 month old twins get these as a special treat (since they are slightly sweetened, they think it's dessert!) I love to have them for breakfast, or simply munch on a few in the car as a snack. Tastes delicious and gives just a hint of sweetness.

Great tasting cereal without too much sweetness. It is also healthy and available at Costco. I stock up.