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Happy Thanksgiving: Win a Soup Maker & Multi Chopper. ($135 value) #SouperThankful

on Nov 27, 2019: I'm thankful for the wonderful friendships I've made and maintained this year, and for the experiences I've been able to have with them.

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Enter the #PhilipsSatinShaver Giveaway

on Nov 27, 2019: Wow! I really hope I win this contest. The Philip's SatinShave looks absolutely incredible, it would be a dream come true to get one. I can barely afford regular razors, this would help me so much.

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'Friends' 25th Anniversary Gives Fans a Chance to Relive the Show

on Aug 30, 2019: My favorite character is Phoebe. She's just so crazy and awesome, I love her. I really just want a series that goes into her background story, because it's WILD.