Can We Make Air Travel and Ticketing Easier One Day?

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Oct 08, 2013

As thoughts of planning holiday travel loom heavy in many households, there is one consumer group that wants to make air travel and tickets sales a little more tolerable. The National Consumers League thinks it’s time to change some of the ticket policies we have all grown to loath in past years, like standby fees and being unable to transfer your ticket to someone when it will go unused.

Time reports about some of the changes the consumer group is calling for to make air travel easier for everyone. Executive director of the National Consumers League, Sally Greenberg, explains how adding extra fees and policies have managed to anger passengers for years but it doesn’t seem like anyone is looking to change anything. Greenburg says, “It’s never a good idea for any industry to make the customer base angry year in, year out. Though it appears airlines couldn’t care less, no industry will survive if it continues to poke its customers in the eye.”

And since the consumer group hasn’t gotten too far in getting airlines to change their ways, they are now rallying for Congressional hearings and reforms to help them get through to the industry.

What do you think of the consumer group that is calling for changes in the airline industry?

What policy changes would you like to see airlines implement that would make air travel easier for consumers?



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