Can This Headband Really Help To Clear Your Thoughts and De-Stress?

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Nov 01, 2018

In an effort to combat daily stressors and anxieties, many people are turning to meditation as a way to slow down and relax. For some though, meditation sounds a lot easier than done. Finding a quiet space and clearing the mind of your inner voice can be nearly impossible for some, causing them to give up on meditation practice all together.

But for those who may need a little extra help at slowing down and clearing their thoughts, there is a wearable headband that can help. The Muse 2 recently hit the market and is now being touted by Mashable’s Chris Taylor as “The world’s best meditation tech”. The band is said to help users get into the meditative state by tracking breathing, stillness and heart rate.

The band is set up with EEG electrodes that go behind the ears and on the forehead and can let you know when your brain is active/noisy or calm and quiet. This is said to help users understand when their meditation sessions were successful at clearing thoughts and finding a little inner peace or if they need to concentrate a little harder on emptying their head of anxious feelings.

The user can download the Muse app to connect with all of their personal meditation data. Taylor explains the scoring system saying, “You get three scores at the end of each session: a number of birds (you hear birds when the Muse registers a low level of brain activity relative to the baseline established in the calibration), a number of "recoveries" (moments when you were able to swiftly bring your brain, breath or heart rate back in the right direction), and ‘muse points’  based on how well you did overall.”

The Muse app also allows users to use guided meditations featuring a calm repetitive voice. There are also various relaxing sounds like birds chirping or wind chimes. The idea is that over time the user can recognize through data collected what works for them and how to create the perfect environment for success through meditation.

What kinds of things do you do to alleviate stress or anxiety?

What do you think of this headband that teaches users how to successfully meditate?

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kd196310308 by kd196310308 | SAN ANTONIO, TX
Nov 11, 2018

If this headband really helps, I really want to try it! I carry so much stress in my neck and shoulders.

wifeyrj by wifeyrj | Laurens, SC
Nov 03, 2018

I try to de-stress by partaking in nature walks or nature photography. As for the headband, I think it's a wonderful idea. I have always had a problem with meditating.