Vicky By Vicky 03.13.12

Bubbles and bubbles fly around watch how they float in the sky.  Why am I excited to say that National Bubble Week is beginning Sunday, March 11 and ending on Sunday, March 17? With the weather beginning to change, it now gives the opportunity to enjoy the coming of spring with your family, friends and kids.  It is not just for kids, it is for everyone and anyone from 0 to 90. 

There are many ways to celebrate bubble week as a family by making bubbles at home.  The best part of it for the parent is that the children will not know it is educational too.  As creating the bubbles, your imagination goes wild with excitement to expand itself even further. Do not cheat, create your own bubble from simple ingredients. One recipe I found is Basic Bubble, which includes 2 tablespoons of dish soap and one cup of water.
It is a week of fun and a week of play that each day can be what you want it to be.  Plan a party with a theme, maybe with Bazooka Joe bubble gum, and see who can blow the biggest bubble or how many bubbles can you blow in a timed period. 
In closing, I am referencing a poem, which I found while looking up National Bubble Week. 
When I'm blowing a bubble,
it's always a sphere -
With a dipper that's square,
rounded bubbles appear.
With a three-sided dipper,
I still get round bubbles.
Blowing bubbly cubes
is giving me troubles!

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  • kymnasium By kymnasium

    oooh didn't know there was a bubble week. I'm going to tell my kids about it what a fun fact. This week we are going to bubble it up lucky we have dish washing soap on hand lol. I can't wait to see what kind of fun we can come up with. great post thank you for sharing.

  • noelrocs By noelrocs

    yes, we will HAVE to celebrate Bubble Week! My 4 year old *loves* bubbles! The weather is perfect for filling the air with swirly, dancing bubbles :) I also make bubbles with baby shampoo or the 3-in-1 baby body wash. We grew up making them with dish liquid, though ;) In those days we were tough--we got bubbles in our eyes and we liked it! jk. It burned haha. Everyone loves bubbles--even my dogs :)

  • Alisonn By Alisonn

    we went through many huge bottles of bubbles in the warmer days. Bubbles are still my favorite! My kids had a bucket of all kinds of bubble wands. so much fun and so easy to play with alone or in a group.

  • mimipenny By mimipenny

    I love the idea of bubble week! I have never heard of it before, but I will remember it in the future for my grandchildren. The recipe for making your own bubbles work great, as I found out if it gets in their eyes it stings. So I found out that if you use the same recipe and switch dish soap with baby shampoo it works and if it gets in their eyes no stinging. Just a suggestion:-)

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