Britney's Back, But Is She Here To Stay?

   By drodriguez  Apr 17, 2011

It’s hard to believe it was just a few short years ago when we all couldn’t help but watch as Britney Spears’ life and career became what can only be described as a train wreck.  From the head shaving incident in 2007 to numerous stays in psych wards it seemed like Britney Spears could say goodbye to any chance of a comeback.  

Fast forward four years and we see an older, more cautious version of Spears as she steps back into the limelight to promote her new album, Femme Fatale.  Somehow Spears has  managed to rise again with chart-topping songs like Hold It Against Me from the new album.  

Spears’ fans can probably thank her father, Jamie Spears, to some degree for helping the pop star get her life back together.  Britney Spears is admittedly still under the conservatorship of her father, which means he still has the power to make important life decisions for her.  

She has also made a complete turnaround with how she handles media attention.  A recent report from USA Today quotes editor of, Bonnie Fuller, when she explains Britney Spears’ strategic move away from the spotlight.  Fuller says, “I think she’s become less tabloid material because she’s living a very quiet life right now.  Which is good.  She’s focusing on being a mom, on working.”

What do you think of Britney Spears’ latest album and comeback?

Do you think Spears has really turned her life around or is it just a matter of time until her career goes off track again?

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AuntNet1629 by AuntNet1629 | Broaddus, TX
Apr 25, 2011

I'm hoping and praying that Britney does well. She is a very beautiful and talented girl. Thank goodness her dad is there and has helped her over some of the bumps. We all need family who cares about us.

jemappel by jemappel | Rye Brook, NY
Apr 18, 2011

I think her personal life will be ok from now on (thank goodness for the sake of her sons), but her voice just sounds thinner and more produced on every just gets worse and worse. I like her personally but her fame is so manufactured - by her parents as well as Disney, etc. - that I can't admire her compared to someone like Madonna who did everything completely on her own. Plus in this photo, she looks like she straight-out copied Madonna's outfit from Open Your Heart.

msfriendly by msfriendly | MONROE, WI
Apr 18, 2011

Hopefully with age comes some wisdom. I wish her luck.

Bunnycas by Bunnycas | Norman, OK
Apr 18, 2011

Not her best album...She doesn't need a comeback either...Professionally her personal past troubles never affected her album sales. But she is a star whether she is talented or not...She can sell products and almost ALL professional dancers have great respect for her...Her music is a creative outlet for dancers..Britney has the ability to get you out on that dance floor and it's the whole package not just the's the beat, remix, and dance...

piscesgrly2 by piscesgrly2 | GALT, CA
Apr 18, 2011

I thought she was making a comeback until I heard that Enrique Eglesias refused to go on tour with her. At her latest concerts, people have said that she was horrible: her voice was bad and she was a mess. I think she is trying to comeback(I hope she does) because now she is going on tour with Nicki Minage(spelling??) which sounds awesome! I can't wait to hear her next album!!

imaclutz89 by imaclutz89 | W HENRIETTA, NY
Apr 17, 2011

What do you mean by Britney's "back?" Did you forget her Circus CD and the very successful Circus tour she had? She's already made her comeback and this album just proves that she is here to stay. If you want to talk about her "comeback," you're about two years too late.

wvmommyX by wvmommyX | Huntington, WV
Apr 17, 2011

I think we should give her the benefit of the doubt. The media preys on young Hollywood stars because without them the media would have no stories. I think it's more of a reflection on society's need for drama than anything else, which is sad. I wish her luck!