Bringing In the New Year Big Time

   By drodriguez  Jan 03, 2008

Everyone follows tradition and celebrates the holidays in their own special way. By the time New Year’s Eve rolls around, a great many of us opt for sitting on the couch trying to stay awake long enough to see the ball drop in Times Square on our television sets.

You may be spent (both physically and financially) from all the shopping, traveling, and holiday cheer December brought with it. But if the idea of sitting in front of the TV all night on December 31st sounds tiresome to you, and if your next New Year's eve needs a boost you may want to consider doing something new for 2008/2009.

Yahoo Travel has come up with an interesting Top Ten List of cities to travel to where you are sure to have a fun-filled night bringing in the New Year.

Top three places of interest from the list are as follows:

1) Las Vegas  With fireworks crackling over the strip, packed casinos, and a long list of special performances scheduled, Vegas will most definitely bring excitement to your New Years Eve.
2) New York City  Well, this is a no-brainer really. Why sit at home watching footage from Times Square when you can be there and experience the party first hand?
3) Boston  According to Yahoo Travel, Boston offers more than just a few activities for the New Years celebration. One of which is a Mardi-Gras style procession running through the city.

What do you think of the Top Ten List put out by Yahoo Travel this year?

Did you make any special plans for bringing in 2008? What did you do, or what do you plan to do next New Years Eve?

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libby1260 by libby1260 | FRANKFORT, KY
Jan 25, 2008

We have fun staying and watching the ball drop, I think my kids feel they can stay awake to 12 to watch the ball but so far , they always fall asleep and I have had to wake them up. It's funny, we make a bet to see who can stay awake. But all in all, not big plans here for New Year's Eve.

Scootie by Scootie | Springfield, MO
Jan 17, 2008

We had a fun game night with our kids and watched the ball drop with lots of fun snacks and treats. It's something we do every year and something I know my kids will always remember. Family game nights are a lot of fun!

wendylady by wendylady | Roseville, CA
Jan 11, 2008

Another great spot to go if you want to have fun is Stateline, NV. They close off part of Hwy 50 and let everyone stand in the street to bring in the New Year. I've done it twice and both times have been a blast!

libby1260 by libby1260 | FRANKFORT, KY
Jan 08, 2008

we don't do anything special for New Years Eve, sit around and if able , try to stay up and watch the ball drop

cvarano by cvarano | BROOKLYN, NY
Jan 06, 2008

I ended up falling asleep just before midnight like I did last year and the year before that. I've always had less-than-thrilling New Years Eves. I'd like that to change though. I think my New Years resolution will be to celebrate New Years Eves from now on. Nothing like Vegas or Times Square or anything but maybe a small party or going out for a late dinner.

sharman421 by sharman421 | TALLAHASSEE, FL
Jan 05, 2008

After watching the ball drop about a gazillion times on TV, it does get rather tiresome! I am still trying to figure out why we all need to celebrate the passage of time. Although it's always nice to celebrate anything with family and friends, I guess the idea of a New Year is to hope for better things and to try to make promises (resolutions) to ourselves.

boomersooner by boomersooner | Norman, OK
Jan 02, 2008

It may sound slightly boring, but we have a tradition with all our friends. We rotate homes every year, but always get together and have a potluck and play games. With a little (ok, a lot) of champagne and our favorite games (taboo, catch phrase, cranium), we're exhausted by 1, but always have a BLAST (and for not much money). Though, i can say we've missed the ball drop many years because we're having too much fun.

kirstensapphire by kirstensapphire | Fremont, CA
Jan 02, 2008

I think they are correct. Those places know how to throw a "party". Personally a New Years party for me is staying home with family and watching the ball drop from the t.v. screen.Hopefully in the future I might enjoy a real New Years party in one of those big cities.