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Breaking the Gender Rules In Your Closet This Fall

Breaking the Gender Rules In Your Closet This Fall

Browsing the latest fall fashion trends may come as a surprise to some expecting to see the same old skirts, boots, and sweaters.  Designers have done something completely different this year with many of their pieces questioning the old gender roles.


A recent Forbes article put the spotlight on this new trend offering the idea that a more casual atmosphere in the office has allowed for the latest fashions to gain popularity.  Cynthia O'Connor, founder and CEO of Cynthia O'Connor + Company tells Forbes, "Business casual in the workplace has really opened up the blur in gender lines.  The ability for both men and women to dress down at work is presenting more options for wardrobing."


Masculine themes could be seen in women?s clothing during the 1920?s and now it seems a lot of these looks are coming back.  Marc Jacobs? fall line features both men?s and women?s suits with little difference in detail between the two.  Even the dresses this fall are reportedly resembling suits.


Forbes also reports that women?s jackets and sweaters are being transformed with stitches made to look like elbow patches.  Benjamin Belton, president of a retail chain in Western North Carolina reports that accessories have been given masculine undertones with studding and vintage hardware added to shoes and handbags.


Women are not the only ones seeing this kind of change in their wardrobe.  It is also being reported that the ?man purse? will be big this fall.  Large leather bags for men?s personal items will be seen in abundance this season.  Also, the color purple is said be a popular shade for both sexes this fall.


What do you think of the latest ?gender bending? fashion trends this fall?


Do you think you will incorporate this trend into your wardrobe?


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  • halfchina By halfchina

    If I like it, I will wear it. I've never been big on fashion trends per se, but I do think of myself as someone very much aware of fashion. I love my staple pieces and add a little bit of the current trends as I see fit. I've always loved a great suit on a woman, it gives a sense of power. But for me, if reminds me that I'm wearing my father's suit, I will pass.

  • jmsargent By jmsargent

    I am a stay at home mother/ full time student. I do not have time for staying with trends. The only way I can is shopping at old navy. The only difficult thing is still dressing trendy and not trying to look like a fool that is dressing too young.

  • Salemsw By Salemsw

    I don't like the suit thing on me! I dress some what in fashion but I buy and wear what I like -no matter what is in...

  • dmp515 By dmp515

    I've always thought the suit was very business like and don't see that changing any. The only difference between suits is the cut but it will always still be a suit. I like the crisp white shirt and always think that has a little masculine feel with a great pair of jeans---sass it up with a great pair of feminine shoes. As far as the man purse----my 24 yr old son has been carrying one for almost a year. He does not feel de-masculated---instead loves being able to carry eveything he needs for work and school. There are many out there that have a very masculine feel and look. As far as shopping for trends---with the economy and price of gas----shopping for new items is limited. I did purchase a few new trendy things for my 17 yr old daughter for school. She got a few vests but added cute blouses with puff sleeves and a feminine cut and went for boyfriend jeans this year.

  • ilikemovies By ilikemovies

    I think the man purse is just weird.

  • savannahsolace By savannahsolace

    I believe that a woman can be beautiful in anything she choses to wear. Be it a suit, a granny gown or nothing at all. Its all in how she feels about herself.

  • rdiamondp By rdiamondp

    I prefer to dress like a woman, very feminine. That is one of the perks of being a woman, expressing your style in your clothing and I don't think a suit necessarily does that well. It is too manly for me, no matter what frills are put on it.

  • meggey1979 By meggey1979

    I am what they call a preppy trendy girl. My style generally stays the same with my staple pieces (jcrew, bcbg, banana, etc) but I will always liven it up some with the current style. One of my favorite styles of all time is menswear for women. As long as it isn't too masculine or boxy and I can make it somewhat feminine, it will be in my closet for sure. I do have an issue w/ menswear going feminine though....Sorry, I cant see my man wearing straight leg pants and a carrying a murse.

  • Bonnets By Bonnets

    No thanks

  • checkers By checkers

    Well I'm pregnant with child number 6 so if they make a gender bending maternity shirt that is still affordable, I'll consider it lol.

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