Breaking the Gender Rules In Your Closet This Fall

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Breaking the Gender Rules In Your Closet This Fall

Browsing the latest fall fashion trends may come as a surprise to some expecting to see the same old skirts, boots, and sweaters.  Designers have done something completely different this year with many of their pieces questioning the old gender roles.


A recent Forbes article put the spotlight on this new trend offering the idea that a more casual atmosphere in the office has allowed for the latest fashions to gain popularity.  Cynthia O'Connor, founder and CEO of Cynthia O'Connor + Company tells Forbes, "Business casual in the workplace has really opened up the blur in gender lines.  The ability for both men and women to dress down at work is presenting more options for wardrobing."


Masculine themes could be seen in women?s clothing during the 1920?s and now it seems a lot of these looks are coming back.  Marc Jacobs? fall line features both men?s and women?s suits with little difference in detail between the two.  Even the dresses this fall are reportedly resembling suits.


Forbes also reports that women?s jackets and sweaters are being transformed with stitches made to look like elbow patches.  Benjamin Belton, president of a retail chain in Western North Carolina reports that accessories have been given masculine undertones with studding and vintage hardware added to shoes and handbags.


Women are not the only ones seeing this kind of change in their wardrobe.  It is also being reported that the ?man purse? will be big this fall.  Large leather bags for men?s personal items will be seen in abundance this season.  Also, the color purple is said be a popular shade for both sexes this fall.


What do you think of the latest ?gender bending? fashion trends this fall?


Do you think you will incorporate this trend into your wardrobe?


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  • tripletsnthree By tripletsnthree

    If I still had the beautiful body from my youth, and the money that I have never had, and the time, and no children, and absolutely no other interests...I might go for the suit...It looks intersting on the girl in the picture above. Not bad, just intersting to me. but I have had six children, I budget for our family necesities, I have little time free, and I would much rather be wearing a backpack and hiking boots outdoors with my family. Suits aren't so great for rock climbing or hiking, camping or kayaking. So I'm out.

  • Beanscam422 By Beanscam422

    I wear what I think looks good on me and whats reasonable in price now a days ... Men and women have worn the same styles/things for years we both wear jeans and tee shirts, so whats the difference if we wear similar things at work? If it looks good on you wear it who cares about what in style!

  • kwajgranny By kwajgranny

    No thanks! I'm a woman and I prefer to dress like one.

  • MLevine By MLevine

    Doesn't sound like it will be flattering to normal figures.

  • bbred57 By bbred57

    I am sorry but I think men should dress like men and women should dress like women. Not necessarily in dresses, but you do not need to dress like a guy either. A women can look great in pants and suits but let them be feminine looking. We are women and we should be proud of that. Even in jeans, you can add a top that will make you look like a women instead of just one of the guys!

  • agranote By agranote

    I like the look, it will be interesting to see how long it lasts.

  • coffee4me56 By coffee4me56

    Not really giving this look the thumbs up.

  • pricilla By pricilla

    i prefer the feminine look. pricilla

  • nanners520 By nanners520

    I think that if it is comfortable and looks good on a person, why not wear it? I'm not a huge trend follower, but there are times when new is better. I would definitely need to try on the items first. I do love suits and some of the more traditionally "masculine" looking clothing, but with feminine touches.

    BUT, I have to draw the line at the man purse.

  • JEM4612 By JEM4612

    I like suits. They are super easy to wear because you don't have to think too hard about what to wear with it or how to accessorize. I also feel more confident when I wear a suit. However, I will never go out and buy anything too trendy like a "woman tie".

  • crazybren31 By crazybren31

    I love the suits on women and myself. I used to dress pretty similar to that back in the late 80's early 90's. I am definitely hyped about the new look. I even have my own ideas on making ladies ties. Very, very cool.

  • Beaniesmom By Beaniesmom

    Those of us who wore these fashions in the 60's and 70's don't look so good in them in the 08's! I can't wait for the fashion industry to come up with something original, instead of re-runs. Can we get a little variety, please? Instead of all designers copying that first designer?

  • Lndy By Lndy

    I love the suit with a feminine blouse to go with it

  • checkers By checkers

    Well I'm pregnant with child number 6 so if they make a gender bending maternity shirt that is still affordable, I'll consider it lol.

  • Bonnets By Bonnets

    No thanks

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