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The Women Tell All About Real Beauty

on Oct 03, 2008: This is a beautiful message they are suggesting here. And the women are still half naked in the picture above. I havn't seen the movie and it may be wonderful. Reality is that fat or thin our attitudes and perceptions are different from one to the next. Fat women are beautiful thin women are beaut…

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Going Blue

on Oct 03, 2008: That is so great to read about. YAY strong, empowered, bright, loving, intelligent, women everywhere. How could she not be honoring her family. That seems a silly question. Keeping clean beaches and taking the time to clean up after one another not just our selves...because sometimes their are so…

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What Every Woman Should Know This September

on Oct 03, 2008: I am interested in hearing about ovarian cancer and my heart goes out to those suffering. With that large of a number it makes me wonder about conections between birth control methods and ovarian cancers. It would be wonderful for all of us to gain insight. God Blessings to all those amidst the …