Boobquake: Will You Participate?

   By drodriguez  Apr 25, 2010

You may remember hearing news of an Iranian cleric's, Hojatoleslam Kazim Sadeghi, outrageous statement recently warning that women who dress immodestly can cause earthquakes.  Sadeghi was quoted as saying, "Many women who do not dress modestly...lead young men astray, corrupt their chastity and spread adultery in society, which increases earthquakes."  Women around the world have shared their responses to the ridiculousness of this statement, but one woman has decided to take action.

Jennifer McCreight, a 22-year-old Purdue University student, created a Facebook page devoted to something she calls "Boobquake".  McCreight has humorously declared Monday to be a day for women around the country to prove Sadeghi wrong.  She urges women to dress provocatively in an attempt to prove that "immodest" women can not cause an earthquake.  McCreight writes, "help fight supernatural thinking and the oppression of women, just by showing your cleavage."

McCreight has taken to her blog, Blag Hag along with Facebook and Twitter to spread the word about Boobquake.  As of Thursday there were more than 50,000 "confirmed guests" on the Facebook page. 

An article from CNN discusses some critics of McCreight that have voiced concern she is not taking the oppression of women seriously.  McCreight responds to the critics on her blog, she writes "It's not supposed to be serious activism that is going to revolutionize women's rights, but just a bit of fun juvenile humor.  I'm a firm believer that when someone says something so stupid and hateful, serious discourse isn't going to accomplish anything - sometimes lighthearted mockery is worthwhile."

What do you think of Jennifer McCreight's response to the Iranian cleric's statement?

Will you participate in "Boobquake" in order to prove women who dress provocatively do not cause earthquakes?

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towens84 by towens84 | Houston, TX
Dec 01, 2010

I think that statement is a load of crap, but....I don't think that women dressing like hookers is the way to go about it. We are hardly respected, or treated as equals as it is. Dressing like a video tramp isn't going to gain respect. Let's use our brains, not our bodies.

princess_sativa by princess_sativa | ada, OK
Oct 25, 2010

i agree with jennie 100%. humor can almost end the biggest arguments. grrrls!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MaggieParke by MaggieParke | Mechanicsburg, PA
Aug 30, 2010

I dress well and provocatively on a regular basis. You can dress nicely and be sexy at the same time. hell, you can wear a very modest outfit and scream sex. It's all in how you work it.

Ghostbunnyy by Ghostbunnyy | Lakewood, NJ
Jul 27, 2010

I think that she's right you really can not take what he said too seriously. You just have to laugh it off and not let it get you down.

doolmusicfan by doolmusicfan | Hubbard, OH
May 24, 2010

It might be considered funny to some, but in light of the women who must endure those rigid dress codes it's quite sad and disheartening. To think that men must bend down to such depths to keep women under there power and control based on irrational fears like these is just insane! Men in Iran are so afraid to become corrupted yet it is their own way of thinking that leads them to this corruption. However making light of these women's suffering of wearing a compulsory hijab, chador, or burka isn't the way to help them. How will Jennifer's response by dressing 'provacatively' in any way help? It isn't going to change their lives at all. It would be better for Jennifer to use her energy in some other way to do some good in the world, instead of making fun of the very serious situation that the Iranian women have to face on a daily basis. I'm sure they dont' find anything funny about this.

Gin257 by Gin257 | LONG BEACH, NY
May 21, 2010

I think its really funny and lighthearted. Good for her.

mommaduck by mommaduck | SAINT CHARLES, MO
May 19, 2010

I think her response was great. I will participate from in my house

supermommy828 by supermommy828 | plainfield, IL
May 19, 2010

wow thats politically funny. i dont' know how some people can believe that clevage can cause an earthquake. i understand the underlying message that provocative women can corrupt men but only if men are looking to be corrupted as well.

ANemeth by ANemeth | Mishawaka, IN
May 18, 2010

As women we have breasts and butts and legs that attract men and even if we dress in a provactative manner does not mean that we are trying to lead men astray. Women are beautiful creatures and so what if we want to show off our curves. Im not saying that we all should go out and wear the shortest dress or bare our boobs to the world but for a man to say that it is a womans fault that men get distracted by a lillte bit of skin is rediculous. Jennifers "boobquake movement is hilarious and a great way to laugh at someones ignorance! = )

oldbluepearl by oldbluepearl | valparaiso, IN
May 17, 2010

Being sexy is NOT degrading! Whatever your idea of sexy is, BE THAT! It is empowering to feel sexy! And to feel sexy is to be sexy!

jjoyce by jjoyce | WOODBRIDGE, VA
May 06, 2010

I think both accounts are stupid and only exemplifies the stereotype of women as objects. I'm tired of being bombarded with half dressed women who claim to want respect. If women want to excel and move away from being sex objects, it has to stop. You can still be beautiful yet elegant. Timeless not trashy. Gorgeous without being naked. A little to the imagination is much more enticing than giving it all up. The Iranian leader is an idiot but then so is the idea of a boobquake. I would hate to see if men decided to do their own type of quake .... ugh. Let's act with dignity and respect.

QueenOfPlastic by QueenOfPlastic | Pipersville, PA
Apr 30, 2010

I'm flat chested, so I guess I only created a ripple instead of a boobquake ;-)

MyEmptyCanvas by MyEmptyCanvas | KOSCIUSKO, MS
Apr 30, 2010

I can see her point. I did not participate in it though and as far as I could tell there was no earthquake during their boob show-off so I guess their point was proven, along with the fact that people should think before speaking.

Kaykay0711 by Kaykay0711 | SCHENECTADY, NY
Apr 30, 2010

It seems that the first part of his thought is at minimum, to be considered. (Sadeghi was quoted as saying, "Many women who do not dress modestly...lead young men astray, corrupt their chastity and spread adultery in society) I can't say that I relate to the earthquake bit but at the same time, do we as women need to dress provocatively to prove a point? What point, exactly? I see the idea that this young woman is thinking she is promoting but the internet can be a big, scary place. I totally disagree and am thrilled that I don't have any young, impressionable daughters.

ponderingprincess by ponderingprincess | Frontenac, KS
Apr 29, 2010

wow all I can say is wow, no I won't be participating