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Bald and Beautiful, Barbie Gets a New Look

SS Member Image By drodriguez 04.05.12
Bald and Beautiful, Barbie Gets a New Look
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Through the years we have witnessed many different incarnations of the Barbie doll, but now the hard work of those pushing for the production of a Barbie doll unlike any we’ve seen in the past has finally paid off. Mattel has agreed to manufacture a hairless Barbie for young girls dealing with hair loss from cancer treatments, Alopecia, and Trichotillomania. A Facebook page called “Beautiful and Bald Barbie! Let’s see if we can get it made” caught the attention of the Barbie making company and the rest will soon be history.

A recent report from CBS News discusses the plans for the new bald Barbie which will come with wigs, scarves, hats and all the other accessories little girls love to style their dolls with.

But before you rush out to your local toy store, the company says they are not for sale. Instead, the dolls will be donated to children’s hospitals and the National Alopecia Areata Foundation.

Co-founder of the Facebook page that started all the buzz about bald Barbie, Jane Bingham, explains why she thinks this doll will help kids dealing with hair loss. Bingham says, “We want girls to know they're not dependent on their hair for their self-worth and their beauty. Women and children, it's looked down upon that you would go out without your hair. People would automatically assume that you're sick and you should stay at home in bed. We wanted to change this stigma especially for girls because they don't have many people to look up to.”

What do you think of plans for the new bald Barbie?

Do you think this doll will help young girls going through the process of losing their hair?

*Photo courtesy of Facebook page “Beautiful and Bald Barbie! Let’s see if we can get it made"*

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  • carriemcullum By carriemcullum

    I am sooo glad they agreed to do this. When I first heard about the facebook page petitioning it I liked the page to show support

  • marnierily By marnierily

    I think this is a awesome idea!!!!!

  • heavenly41 By heavenly41

    This is the best idea of Barbie, ever. She's still beautiful with no hair and hopefully will show little girls to be more compassionate to others and that the ones with cancer are seeing you don't need hair to be beautiful. To bad this wasn't done years ago.

  • MomeeGina By MomeeGina

    This a a wonderful idea! My best friend lost all of her during chemo treatment and the first time my little girl seen her bald she told her "you look so beautiful" . I was so proud of my daughter at such a young age to notice the difference.

  • poohtat By poohtat

    What a great idea! Girls of all ages (even women) will enjoy another way to be recognized as bald is beautiful!

  • your1chef By your1chef

    This brings happy tears to my eyes. A beautiful Barbie - great job Mattell, it is about time!

  • Kerstin1980 By Kerstin1980

    This is so great..Im glad that they finally realized that these barbies would mean so much to little girls who lost all their hair excited for them!!!

  • didama By didama

    Wow. Good for them. I now might consider keeping the Barbie dolls that my daughters have been given.

  • chrissherman By chrissherman

    I think this is a great thing!

  • LetMeTellYou By LetMeTellYou

    I wish we could purchase them with part of the sale price going to the foundations mentioned.

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