Are School Lunches About To Get Less Healthy?

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Dec 22, 2014

Whether you love the healthier school lunches or not, there may be some changes ahead that can make them less healthy. A recent bill released by Congress aims to ease some of the requirements on whole grains and put off the move to lower sodium in the foods kids consume for school lunch.

CBS News reports about the bill that is in line with what some of the school nutrition directors have lobbied for in terms of easing some of the healthy food standards that are now in effect. Some complain that the healthier requirements placed on the lunch menu are too restrictive and costly. Others say that many kids don’t like the healthier school lunches and won’t eat them.

Proponents of the healthier school lunch program are not ready to see the standards lowered and feel it could just take more time for kids to get used to the new tastes. The new bill will also put off a push to lower the sodium levels in school lunch by the year 2017. The bill says that the government can’t put the 2017 sodium levels into affect “until the latest scientific research establishes the reduction is beneficial for children.”

The American Heart Association CEO Nancy Brown thinks the changes the bill makes to healthy lunches can be a detriment to our kids’ health. She says, “If Congress hits the pause button now on the sodium reduction, it's possible that more children could develop high blood pressure and be at risk for heart disease or stroke before they even become adults.”

What do you think of the healthier lunches being offered at schools?

Do you think some of the restrictions placed on school lunches should be eased or are you happy with the healthier fare?

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freenfrugal by freenfrugal | LEVITTOWN, PA
Dec 22, 2014

While I do feel as though some changes needed to be made, I feel it's mainly up to the parents to keep their kids eating a healthy lunch. If you don't want your child to eat unhealthy at school, take the time to pack them a healthy lunch. My 13 year old nephew loves eating vegetables and fruits as a snack, personally. You would be surprised what you can give a kid to eat that's healthy if you just add a little something else to it to make it more appealing. Just like I feel that teachers have too much responsibility put on them to discipline children in school when it should really be done at home for the most part, I feel that healthy lunch starts at home, too. I wouldn't be surprised if the people who are complaining about school lunches are the parents who give their kid's Mcdonald's.